Friday, July 10, 2015

Next Injury Update

Things are getting better, but they're not good enough just yet.

I have been doing my prescribed exercises religiously 3 times a day, and I have been doing a 3-mile walk every morning (I'm not counting those towards my mileage). There is no pain during the exercises but there is some discomfort when walking, though that has been improving every day.

The most significant improvement is noticeable when I get up from a chair. On Tuesday I was grimacing every time and it took a minute of walking around every time for things to loosen up. Today I can get up and feel some tightness in the hip but no real pain, and after half a dozen steps it feels more or less okay. I can walk down the office without attracting some comments, which is a bonus.

There is still no running, not today and not over the weekend. A short run might happen on Monday, provided things keep improving at a steady rate. I'm not worried about losing fitness, there is still plenty of time until the end of September. I do miss running a lot, though. I saw a couple of runners during my morning walk and really, really, really wished I could join them. At least I'm not in danger of overtraining at the moment and it's certainly better to get injured 3 months before the race rather than a week.

This is by far the longest rest I've had to take from running for many years, for any reason other than recovery from a target race. I have been lucky over the years and on more than one occasion got away with things that are generally frowned upon. I guess inevitably I pushed my luck once too often. Ah well - sh*t happens.

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  1. Been off the web while on holiday, back home and catching up and bam, you've gone and injured yourself. Ouch. Fingers crossed it's now on the mend.