Monday, April 13, 2015


215.691 km / 134 miles

60th in the World.
2nd Austrian.
1st Irishman. :)

The carnage even amongst the super elite was huge. I'm not sure if the heat or that ramp that we had to run up and down each lap was the bigger contributor but it was very, very tough. I would not have missed it for anything in the world! What a privilege to be there!

We just got home, I am completely wrecked and in a fair amount of pain and the race report will have to wait a bit longer.


  1. Stunning performance Thomas. Well done. Austria and Kerry should be very proud.

  2. The old dog for the hard road, brilliant Thomas and you've got guts for sure, put the Irish guys in their place as well😉congrats and rest well in your Irish bed😀

  3. Brilliant to hear how well you did. Not sure if I'm looking forward to the race report, I have inklings of wanting to do a 24hr race at some point, with all the carnage not sure it'll provide much encouragement :-)

  4. Fancy running for the Irish team next year ;-) I see from your blog a even tougher challenge awaits this year. I guess you can taper now!!! Some going

  5. Good stuff Thomas. I'm liking the build-up to a massively long race report ;-)

  6. you've been great! I've started to follow you, take your rest ;) WELL DONE