Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Utterly Random

Things I did over the long weekend, in sequence:

  • I ran a marathon
  • I built a bookshelf for Cian
  • I went to the Glenbeigh St. Patrick's Day parade
  • I watched the final Breaking Bad episode

Things I have in common with Mo Farah:
  • we both have twins
  • we both like running
  • we both were born elsewhere, lived in London for several years and have moved away again
  • we both have fainted after a race
  • we both brushed fainting off as "no big deal"
  • he is a twin and my name means twin (ok, tentative connection here)

Things I need to do over the next few days:
  • recover from the marathon
  • get a new wristband for the Garmin as the old one broke the day after Tralee
  • book accommodation for Connemara. No idea why I keep putting that off.

I was fairly sore on Monday and the 5 miles were a bit of a struggle. However, I already felt worlds better on Tuesday and was very surprised to see sub-8 pace already on the Garmin this morning. Recovery seems to be swift, helped by the fact that I did not race this all-out and because you do tend to recover quicker from your 52nd marathon than you did from your first.

There is actually a fun-run on Sunday in aid of the National School in Caragh Lake. Last year I guided Maia round the 1k kids run, and very proud of herself and her medal she was indeed. This year I'm tempted to tackle one of the adult distances as well. Last year I was in the middle of my customary 2-week break after a goal race, but this year this does not apply. I still need to be careful and will certainly not race all-out, but a fun run sounds like ... fun. I don't have to decide now, I can wait until minutes before the start if I want to run or not.

17 Mar
5 miles, 44:14, 8:51 pace, HR 130
18 Mar
5+ miles, 43:43, 8:35 pace, HR 126
19 Mar
5 miles, 39:40, 7:56 pace, HR 135

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  1. 52 marathons ....kudos to you Thomas, very well done