Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Post Race

With all the buzz surrounding the event, it was not surprising that I found a few more photos of the Ballycotton race.

The one from somewhere around mile 6 (from the Eagle AC website) shows that maybe I should have relaxed a bit more. That’s easy to say afterwards, of course.

The next one (from Eagle AC again) shows me at probably the worst moment, about half a mile from the finish, and I have just been overtaken by an entire group of 4 runners. I checked the race numbers, they all finished ahead of me.

And I was really annoyed with myself when I saw that one (thanks, Private) for looking at the Garmin instead of racing to the finish. This was a quarter mile away from the line. What was there to do but to bust a gut and run like hell? I didn’t need to know anything on the watch. I cannot even remember looking at it and sure as hell don’t remember what the display might have said. I thought I had weaned myself off that kind of pointless behaviour!

As for my disappointing finish, I think the most likely explanation is fatigue from the 22/15 workout during the week. I had thought the previous week’s marathon was a tough workout and that double header would be easier on the body, but that didn’t seem to be the case. I think the fact that I ran the marathon at leisurely pace while I speeded up for the last 4 miles in both days of the double workout would explain that.

To be totally honest, my confidence has taken a slight knock. I thought I was in better shape than at the same stage last year and to finish in a slower time was an unwelcome surprise.

In order to give my legs some rest, I went swimming on Monday. Again, the pool workout was a bit too much like hard work for my liking and I seemed to get out of breath very easily. The only reason why I didn’t call it a day early is that I had paid for the pool time and didn’t want to see the money wasted.

Two more easy days followed which means that race day was the only hard day in 7 days, as I had taken 3 easy days before the race as well. With only 18 days until Connemara, I guess that means I’m tapering. 18 miles tomorrow, maybe 15 next week, and that’s it, apart from a few tempo miles and the obligatory recovery runs. The training is basically done. Already.
22 Mar
45 minutes swimming
23 Mar
5 miles, 40:19, 8:04 pace, HR 137
24 Mar
6.15 miles, 51:28, 8:22 pace, HR 134


  1. Do you really believe that any of the folks who beat you in this race were training for Connemara the way you have been. I think not. Everything is actually working and coming together beautifully for you and you're playing it just right this time. You should be quietly very confident and wind down the taper, then start out the race smart and slow, not accumulating any bad stuff early, then fly at the end. You learned this at Boston last year.


  3. as Lydiard said 'You can't race well and train hard at the same time'
    a good taper will see you right, your 5 k results were very good, showing your training is going well.
    I believe your go figging well in the ultra!!!
    I like that first pic of you going up the hill, for some reason you look like your pushing a pram :]

  4. You do look a tad tight and tired. Getting 'chicked' twice in a sprint finish is unusual for you ;)

    Anyway, hope you're feeling better for the weekend's runs.

  5. Very amusing question