Friday, August 25, 2006

It's Getting Nippy

It looks like summer 2006 is indeed a thing of the past. The temperatures have dropped, especially early in the morning. I’m still running in singlet/t-shirt and shorts, but yesterday I was half-tempted to turn back after a mile and get a pair of gloves. I can’t really believe it, it’s still August after all, and August is supposed to be part of summer, isn’t it?

Anyway, I keep churning out the miles, and I do notice the difference between a cutback week and a 68-mile week; I feel very fresh at the moment, and I did notice that my pace has increased a bit for each run. I guess that will drop back again, because next week is a humdinger of a week, and I don’t want to wear myself out even before the long run.

Thursday’s run was a 9-miler with 10x100 strides in the middle. I did notice that those strides feel easier than they used to, even though I probably run them for a slightly longer distance and maybe a tad faster than, say, 2 months ago. They used to wear out my legs, and these days I hardly feel anything afterwards. The only drawback is that I feel slightly silly if someone’s nearby watching me – which thankfully is rare at my time in the morning.

Today’s long run wasn’t very remarkable either, a mere 14 miles, which is shorter than the 15-mile midweek runs on normal weeks that took some time of getting used to. The weather wasn’t great; it was drizzly and very windy, which meant that I felt quite cold, at least initially. A bit of rain doesn’t bother me (which is a Good Thing really, for someone living in Ireland, especially on the West Coast), but rain and wind together are an unwelcome pair. But I guess the lower temperatures were the main reason why I ran it even faster than the previous runs this week, without actually upping the effort.

My left leg is still in a bit of a mess. On Wednesday I was sure that it was getting better, and on Thursday I felt hardly anything, but today the pain came back. I’m still undecided if it’s in my achilles or in my calf; maybe it’s where the two connect, and that’s why I can’t quite work out where exactly the pain is coming from. It’s not stopping me from running, and I’m still quite sure that overall it is improving. To make matter worse, though, my left hamstring started hurting too. Most likely it’s a follow-on injury, though at the moment I don’t even call it an injury, it’s more a bit of a twinge. Tomorrow is a rest day, and Sunday’s run is an easy 6-mile recovery run, and I keep my fingers crossed that I’ll feel better after that, because another 70 miles week is lying in wait, and I don’t even want to think about that mad 23 mile long run that is scheduled for Friday, so let’s pretend I didn’t even mention it.

24 Aug: 9 miles, 1:13, 8:06 pace, including 10x100 strides
25 Aug: 14 miles, 1:50, 7:51 pace


  1. Not to mention it but, wow, 23 miles! That is a long run. I suffer through 22 and that's enough for me just now. A regular regimen of weekly 20+ mile long runs will set you up good.

    I've got twinges everywhere too. Just when I think the twinge will hold me back, it's gone in time for the workout. But back it comes. It's why professional runners go from the workout to the hot tub to a massage to a nice meal prepared for them special.

  2. I want to smack you with those gloves Thomas!! Seriously, we're all still drenched with sweat here in the states so you don't need to rub it in. Then again, it doesn't rain here constantly (in Arizona) as it seems to there. Sounds like you need those two easy days, I hope the calf/achilles thing resolves itself soon...before the 23 miler.

  3. I was wishing for my gloves the other day too. I've been trying to decide if I could put hot tea in my handheld and carry it during the winter. It'd be warm on the hands as well as to drink.

    Hope all the twinges go away for that run that we are not supposed to mention.

  4. And I thought my 8-miler this weekend was a looong run! It must be a lot cooler in Ireland than here as it's still not as cool as I would like it to be (purely for running.

  5. yeah, what mike said. very jealous of your cool temperatures. i've never looked forward to autumn more in my life!

  6. 23 miles are terrific!
    The change of season is always a problem, we risk to get a cold because we are never sure of the clothes.

  7. Summer, did we have a summer? Actually it's great having these cooler temperatures, it makes running much easier. Aren't we so lucky (that was just for Mike ;-). I hope you are fit before your 23-miler, but I'm sure you'll hammer through it regardless!

  8. Yes, it has cooled down a bit here, too. It's only 65 to 70F in the morninig at 5am. I'm looking foward to cooler weather. Watch that injury--favoring one leg due to an injury can bring on another injury.

  9. Your an animal Thomas! LOL
    Have you done any self massage on your calf?
    A rolling pin is very useful and one of my favorites and the most effective tool I use, is a tennis ball.
    Hope your 100% soon!

  10. I hope all those twinges remain just that. It sounds like your body is adjusting and adapting to the higher mileage and intensity workouts. I'm glad that you have stayed on track.