Sunday, July 16, 2006

Back home

Things that broke in Nana and Gaga’s house while we were there:
  • An old rosary that used to belong to Nana’s granddad (but got fixed again) (culprit: Cian)
  • A bedside lamp (culprit: me)
  • A branch of an apple tree (culprit: Uncle Michael)
  • A door of a kitchen cabinet (culprit: Lola)
  • A curtain (culprit: unknown)
  • One bottle of foundation cream poured over a carpet (cleaned again) (culprit: Cian)
  • One set of scribbles on the wall (mostly cleaned) (culprit: Cian)

Nana said we were allowed to come again, but I think she said that only to get rid of us without fuss.

I managed to run 10 miles on Friday morning before we went back to Kerry. I ran the by now familiar route towards Ballybrack, and even found an old track where I did 4 laps. The middle 5 miles of this run were at tempo pace, about 7:20 – 7:30. Normally this kind of run tends to get easier after two miles, but not this time. I guess this had a lot to do with the 20 or 21 miles just two days earlier. It’s not easy to move the legs at the required speed when they’re as heavy as lead, and I really had to push myself. The fact that there was the usual 1-mile climb towards Stillorgan at the end didn’t help either. I also got the distance slightly wrong again; it was more like 10.5 miles.

After spending some 5 or 6 hours in the car on the journey back, I deserved a rest day on Saturday. Well, rest days on sunny weekends aren’t really rest days. They are gardening days, and usually make me just as tired as a hard run. For some reason I still felt guilty this morning because I felt like I hadn’t run in ages, silly me. Niamh had to go to Killarney with the kids, and I had to help her get them ready, so it wasn’t until 10:30 when I finally managed to start my 12 miles. That wasn’t the best move, considering it was the hottest day of the year so far. I originally planned to run alongside Caragh Lake, but that would have meant 12 miles in the sun, so I decided to run two loops instead, one 7-miles loop towards Killorglin and a 5-mile one to Ard-na-sidhe, where the trees provided plenty of shade. It went rather well, and this run finished my week on 68 miles. Woohoo!

14 Jul: approx. 10.5 miles, 1:21
16 Jul: 12 miles, 1:36, 8:00 pace


  1. kids - gotta love 'em until you ride with them for hours and hours in the car - then it's okay to kill them.

  2. 68 miles. wow. i'm so impressed! nice week.

  3. Showoff! I only had 67.5 this week. (And I am being serious. I really did have 67.5, but I only had 30 last week so I am sure you are way ahead of me)

  4. Susan is so funny ;-) Way to rack up the miles; you're going to cook in Dublin!

  5. My 3 year old, "Moppy", has a similar affect on other peoples houses. She's half human, half disaster movie!

    Some great mileage! Wow.


  6. Thomas, you know the wonderful thing about Grandparents is that they will give the little darlings almost anything! My parents even forgave my niece when she scratched her name into their coffee table. Now, you, on the other hand...who knows whether they'll forgive you!

    Wow - 68 miles is awesome! That's some good mileage - you are on a roll!

  7. A lamp huh, now we know from whom Cian inhereited his destructiveness ;-)

    Impressive mileage, you're going to do well in Dublin!

    p.s. How far do you live from Cork? I have an engineer here at work this week that teaches at Cork University.

  8. Give grans a few months - they'll be begging for more:)
    Great miles, again!

  9. Nice running week - must be nice to take advantage of the good weather!

  10. Big mileage! Good job to finish 1/2 mile ahead of Rob. Ha!