Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Getting Ready

Only 12 days to go and I’m already in the middle of the taper. When I went to bed early last night, Niamh and I had the following dialog:

Niamh: I thought you wouldn’t do any more long runs
Me: I don’t, it’s only 12 miles, and long runs are anything over 17 miles
Niamh: *roles eyes*
Me: You should listen to some of those ultra guys, they say long runs are anything above marathon distance
Me: But they’re nuts
Niamh: Yeah. Like you’re not.

Don’t worry; I know she loves me.

I had a lot of troubles with my shoelaces coming undone recently (I like to think it’s down to the laces material, not my lack of tie-lacing skills). I searched on the Internet, and while most people suggested a double knot, this guy suggests a completely new knot. I liked it and decided to give it a go. It’s like learning how to tie your laces all over again, and it was a bit weird the first time I tried it, but with a little bit of practise I got there, and I think this is the way I’ll tie my running shoes from now on.

The run today was excellent; I feel full of energy, which I presume is a result of the additional rest the taper so far has provided. I was really frustrated that yesterday was a rest day. On Sunday I was very much looking forward to the next run, and was slightly shocked when I realised that this week incorporates an extra rest day, but decided to stick to the program. Today I felt really good, and despite the fact that I didn’t particularly push the pace, I came back with a sub-8 mins/mile average time, which is quite unusual. I am well able to run under 8 mins/mile, but usually I have to push the pace. Today I was just cruising along at some decent speed, and was surprised at the end that I had been so fast. Not that I’m complaining. I just feel more confident about the marathon – better be careful, I don’t want to get cocky ;-)

14 Mar: 12 miles, 1:34, 7:50 pace


  1. I'm excited for you Thomas, and I'm glad to hear you're feeling good with a short time to go. Stay healthy.

  2. In my opinion 12 miles are a long run! Please run a great marathon also for the "wounded" Black Knight.

  3. You are nuts too, yeah! In a good way:) Glad you feel perky, keep at it, marathon is in 12 days!

  4. I'm glad you are feeling so good!

    Funny, when my sons were little and were having trouble learning to tie their shoes, I showed them the method you just found. I didn't worry about the whole left/right thing, but just tied them that way. I didn't know it made a better knot!

  5. 12 days and counting. we're all our here waiting with you!!!

  6. Yes, you are nuts. Welcome to the community.

    I've been tying my shoes that way for about 10 years, now, and haven't had any probelms with them untying. I never thought ot post my shoe-tying on the internet.

  7. So close...and you're feeling so good! That's a sign, I'd say. Just take it a day at a time.

  8. It's nice that you're feeling good this far out. Now you just have to hold on and believe in your program, saving it all for the race! Take care ;-)

  9. Well finally why was she telling you not to do ling runs??

    Very well you stick to the program, the tappering is making you stronger!

    How exciting!!

  10. You're just too fast! I'm excited for you and can't wait to read how you burned a groove on the marathon trail.

  11. Check out lock laces. http://www.locklaces.com/
    I use something like this and never have a problem with laces coming undone. It also makes it easy for me to slip my foot in without having to tie them during transition of triathlons.

  12. SO what is your race day plan?
    Are you going to pre-drive the course? I would be interested in hearing about how you intend your race day to go, then in your race report comments on how well you stuck to your plan, and how well your plan worked!

    You are an inspiration for those of us who are wounded! We'll be cheering!

  13. Sounds like your wife knows you well. :)

    Good Luck!