Thursday, February 09, 2006

Up and Running Again

I seem to have gotten over the crash - I seem to be sleeping very soundly again. So much so, that it is getting difficult to get up in the morning for the run.
Yesterday, I decided that I wouldn’t set the alarm, but if I woke up in time I’d head out for an easy recovery run, otherwise I wouldn’t have missed much. Well, I did indeed wake up at 6:30, but felt too tired to get up and just turned around to get some more sleep (which wasn’t really happening, as the kids started to wake up around the same time, too). So much for my resolve. Today, I did set the alarm, and when it went off, I got up and headed out of the door, tempted as I was to sleep in again. It just goes to show that I really have to have my mind firmly set on running; otherwise I don’t have the discipline to get up.

I did another set of 5x600 intervals, again somewhat improvised and irregular, namely running 2:30 hard (trying to get the heart rate up between 176 and 184), and 90 seconds of easy jogging in-between. I ran too hard on the first interval. The heart rate didn’t seem to get up quickly enough, so I kept pushing more and more. I paid for that in the later intervals, which were definitely slower, despite the fact that the heart rate was at least as high as on the first hard run. I guess you learn from your mistakes, and I’ll take it a bit easier at the beginning in my future workouts.

I certainly worked hard: after the last interval I felt nauseous, but managed to keep my breakfast in. The good thing about intervals is that they don’t last very long. It’s the only key workout that’s over in less than an hour, which means I can do them in the morning, and still get enough sleep without having to go to bed ridiculously early.

There is a 5-mile race near Cork, about 2 hours drive from here, on the 18th of February. Unfortunately, it looks like my car won’t be back from the mechanic by then, which means I won’t be able to make it. Damn, it would have fitted in well with my build-up.

9 Feb: 6 miles, 53:31, 8:55 avg. pace, including 5x600 (approx) intervals


  1. Hey Thomas, sounds like you have an understanding of Speed Work. I have not gotten there yet. Do you use a coach or have you taught yourself?


  2. I hate intervals and love them because they go by fast:) Great work out there!

  3. Great job on your speedwork.

  4. Hey Thomas,

    I have to do some work in England at the beginning of June and was considering signing up for the Ascics Blackpool Marathon.

    Have you done that one? Comments?

  5. I pop out of bed the minute my alarm goes off. I don't give myself anytime to think - if I did I know what would happen! I usually don't really wake up till I find myself in front of the mirror putting my contacts in.

    Way to go on the interval work!

  6. I'm glad you are up and running and feeling better. Gerat job on your speedwork.

  7. Welcome back to the "road". Compliments for the speedwork, you surely are a very concentrated runner to follow such kind of program.

  8. Good workout with the speedwork! Sounds like you are going to be in good shape for your marathon. You mentioned Cork, I have an old Irish friend and ex-coworker that teaches in Cork. Small world.