Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A Fine Run

Last night we had a really bad storm on the Irish west coast. I was quite worried about today’s long run, and, to add to my troubles, I didn’t go to bed until after 10 o’clock, and then spent another 25 minutes reading. That was stupid, but in my defence, it was Lydiard’s book “Running with Lydiard”, and I found it really difficult to put down.

Anyway, I set the alarm for 5am, but woke up on my own accord at 4:59. How is that for timing? I had a quick look out of the window, and there was a beautiful scenery with the Full Moon and a few scattered clouds. Fantastic! Unfortunately by the time I was ready to get out, a massive black cloud covered the moon and promised a wet start to the run. It caught me by mile 1, but half a mile later the moon came out again and it soon stopped raining. That set the pattern for the run, the moon was brilliant, and when it disappeared behind a cloud I knew that I was going to get wet again 10 minutes later. It never rained heavily though, and it was still an enjoyable run. The plan was to do 17 miles, 14 of which at marathon pace. As I’m still undecided on what pace I can sustain for 26 miles, I just ran a strong effort, without getting too close to my lactate threshold pace.

As it turned out, I managed an average of 8:10 for the whole duration, but I think I might have slowed down towards the end. If I try to hold an 8:20 pace for the marathon, this would give me a finishing time of 3:38, which is nearly 20 minutes off my present PR, and that sounds a bit over-optimistic. I guess I will have to decide on the day, depending on how well I feel, what time I shall be aiming for. (Having said that, I will probably start too fast and pay for it later on – as always).

14 Feb: 17 miles, 2:19, 8:10 pace


  1. Hey Thomas, Thanks for the encouragement. Also for the links to Blackpool, what a disaster! Declining attendance. I think I will look for another race. I am sort of able to select my own schedule for a work related trip to the UK this year where I will be down in Wales? Gwent Blaenavon to be exact. I would like to do a marathon while I am there. Any pointers?

    As to the Marathon, that last hill was not as scary as I had made it out. Now with a 4:32:21 and a 4:23:10 I guess it is time to work on speed a bit.

    Be well and enjoy the day.

  2. Hi hear you with the starting too fast and paying for it later. This seems to be part of my marathon routine. At least a finish faster each time.

  3. I think you've got to be over-optimistic, you're having great runs!

  4. Push your training now Thomas, but be smart on race day. From reading about your training over the past few months I don't think the 3:38 is unreasonable at all.

  5. I think you are doing great, well on track for 3.30. I see you are defying the accepted wisdom of running the long ones at a very conservative pace. I too am doing this, so I will be interested to see how you get on. Good luck with the rest of your training!


  6. Thomas those are great times! You are going to do great on your marathon. Start pushing yourself now if you are going to - don't wait until the last minute.

  7. Thomas, did u outrun the black cloud? haha.

  8. Hey Thomas, I like your new reading list. Sounds like you're on track for a big, fat PR. Keep it up.

  9. You are doing great, even running with cold rain!
    All the work you've done has take you to this point so you will certainly overcome your PR.
    I read about the children, well at least that stage don't last for ever. It is only a stage.