Thursday, February 16, 2006

Intervals Again

It was that time of the week again. Intervals. I felt really stiff when I left home in the morning, and dreaded the time when the fast stuff would be starting. The weather didn’t help – very windy, and with gusts of rain from time to time. The schedule called for 3x1000 intervals with 2 minutes of jogging for recovery. As usual, I had to improvise, and ran 4:15 minutes hard with 2 minutes jogging. During the first interval I thought I was going to throw up, and the 2 minutes between the first and the second run were the shortest 2 minutes of my life. During the second run I was so concentrated that I didn’t even notice that the rain had started again – I noticed it only after I slowed down for the recovery. But strangely, I started to feel a lot better at that point. I ran the third interval, and then, on my way home, I thought what the hell, turned around, and added a fourth interval because I didn’t feel tired enough.
All in all the workout lasted about 55 minutes, and I feel fine, if a little stiff. Tomorrow I’ll do 12 miles, and an 8 miler either on Saturday or Sunday.

I also found a new picture of Caragh Lake. I liked it, and decided to turn it into my header. It’s taken from the top of the Devil’s Elbow, and you can see most of the lake. The HTML needs a little more tweaking, I’ll do it when I find a spare hour. Our house isn’t in the frame; it’s a bit further to the right. Still, it’s a nice scenery, isn’t it?

15 Feb: 5 recovery miles, 46:37, 9:19 pace
16 Feb: 6.5 miles, 56:18, 8:39 pace, with 4x1000 intervals


  1. Being concentrated is something so interesting while running, incredible you didn't even noted the rain, you should know the road very well.

  2. mmm intervals, they do seem to last forever sometimes. and then the recovery feels like your watch is on fast-foward.

  3. Nice work Thomas, sounds like you have enough endurance to keep going when others are ready to quit. It bodes well for the marathon.

  4. I think it is always a good sign that you are working hard when you feel you need to throw up.

  5. love the new'd you get it to center?

    Good job on sticking with it!

  6. Good job with the intervals, this is one thing that is seriously lacking in my training. You're going to do fabulous with your marathon.

    Your new header looks great, what a beautiful area to live at!

  7. Your header is gorgeous! What a sight to see every day! Are you a father of twins? There is not much in your profile, so I can't tell.

    Great interval training! Your marathon is quickly approaching!

  8. How do you measure your intervals? I need to start measuring 1000m for the new three day half training plan that I want to start next week and I don't know how to do it.
    Do you go to a track?