Sunday, January 15, 2006

Wounded Knee

First of all, I’ll try and keep my running report short. I’ve noticed that recently I’ve been rambling on in far too much detail about my training runs.

I have been contemplating one thing since my 5k race two weeks ago. If I enter my 5k-race time into one of those race predictor calculators, my marathon time should be between 3:24 and 3:27, depending on which calculator you’re using. That is more than 30 minutes better than my actual marathon PR. I certainly cannot imagine running faster than 8:00 pace for a whole marathon. I guess I’ll have to work more on my endurance.

I had planned an 11 miler with 6 miles at LT tempo for Saturday, but on Friday evening I happened to feel both my achilles heels and noticed that the right one was much thicker than the left one. I didn’t feel any pain, but the swelling was obvious, so I decided to swap Saturday and Sunday around and do the tempo run on Sunday instead. I did follow that revised plan, and ran the 11 miles at good pace, though somehow I felt really slow at times. The strong headwind for the first 5.5 miles didn’t help – and when I had the wind in my back for the back section of the run, I started to feel really cold. I was shivering when I got home, and even a long hot shower didn’t quite revive me. I was worried about coming down with a cold, but I didn’t develop a temperature, just a headache that doesn’t want to go away.

Just to gross you out, this is a cut I received on mile 2, from some plant at the side of the road. I didn’t even notice it until I got home. Don't worry, it's only superficial.

This has been a very long week, 54 miles, which means I’ve equalled my previous highest mileage (not quite coincidentally, as I’m following the same plan as last time round). I got caught by wind and rain on every single run, which probably didn’t help.

I had planned a 6 miles recovery run for tomorrow, but as my achilles is swollen again (it hurt after the run, but gradually got better as the day wore on) and the head ache is not going away, I’ll pass and have a rest day instead. If I feel better later this week, I’ll make up for it, if I don’t, I won’t.

15 Jan: 11 miles, 1:27, 7:54 pace


  1. Ouch! It might be a superficial wound, but it still looks sore!

    I really hope you don't get ill now. I know the feeling of coming down with a cold and feeling frustration at not being able to go out for a run.

  2. I would prescribe an extra serving of ice-cream to sooth the hurts. Works for me! Good week, keep it up ;-)

  3. Good job on the mileage this week. I hope the aches and pains go away.

  4. Superficial or not..that's look like a serious cut.

    I would use your 1/2 or 10K to determine the mara. 5k is too fast pace to be able to hold up for 42k.

  5. Sorry. I sound like I am trying to give advice. let me reword it. If you use your 1/2 or 10 K, would that show a more accurate marathon time?

  6. You're getting in some good mileage, hope your body holds up! With all the bad weather training you have been getting in you'll be ready for anything on marathon day.

  7. Ouch.

    Sounds like you need a rest day.

  8. Ok,I really don't know anything...
    but it sounds like your body is sending you a message.
    You have alot of milage on the calendar and I think you are doing great!
    As you know,I have some issues with my right hamstring. Recently I located the site below and the information has helped me to trace back to the likly source of my pain in the butt.
    Everything is connected in our bodies and what "hurts" is not always the central issue causing us pain.
    Anyway, I use a tennis ball and a rolling pin instead of the items sold on the site.
    (I'm on a tight budget:) )
    They say that you break your body down everytime you workout, and only get stronger on the rest days when your body is able to renew and rebuild.
    Rest is your friend.
    Hope it's all you need to keep your body in prime condition.

  9. You made that and didn't noticed, well it is about the concentration, well done.
    Nice job you have done all that milage this week!!! Also great pace.
    "I’ve been rambling on in far too much detail about my training runs". Please continue doing it is the way to understand your effort.

  10. My coach says - don't make up the miles, just move on...I think it's a good idea. Especially with hurt Achilles! Heal, you'll run more later.

  11. Sometimes the body needs an extra-rest.Perhaps this is the right moment and I am sure that you will not lose your training. I have a pain on my foot so now I give myself one day more of rest during the week.

  12. Oh my. That looks painful. Great job on the weekly total. I can't imagine running that much.

  13. Yeah, in my experience - the most accurate way of predicting marathon time is by doubling your half and adding 20 minutes (not 10, as some would say). Oucha on that cut! How can you not even notice?!