Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Back Home

The most important thing first: Shea is absolutely fine. He now proudly tells everyone how he fell down the stairs, and Lola points out every time that it was she who saved him. I guess the story alone will keep them happy for a while.

As for my running, we are back in Kerry, and I’ve managed to run every day of the New Year so far – no, that’s not really impressive on 3 Jan, I know. I did 8 miles yesterday in Dublin before we left. I expected to be a bit sore from the race, but no, I didn’t feel any soreness at all. The problem started later during the day, when my left hamstring started hurting while sitting in the car. 5 people in one car make for cramped conditions, and I could feel the hamstring getting more and more uncomfortable. I had toyed with the idea of running 18 miles this morning, but decided against it. I regretted this decision early today, because the boys woke me at 4:45, the time I would have gotten up for that run, and kept me from falling asleep for the next hour (our boys are impossible to sleep beside, they constantly wriggle around), and putting them back into their own beds didn’t work either. I eventually got up at 5:50 and went for an 11-mile run, finally back alongside Caragh Lake. My hamstring hurt all the way, never enough to stop me from running, but there was a pain there for the whole way. I’m sure it’s the car journey that made it worse, and I hope it will get better over the next days and weeks again. Anyway, I was glad that I hadn’t gone for the 18-miler, because I certainly would not have fancied another 7 miles on my dodgy hamstring.

Oh, and I found a decent photo of Caragh Lake on the internet. The road you can see on the right hand side is the one I was running on this morning, though it was a lot darker at 6 am, obviously. That part is about 2.5 miles away from our house. The photo is taken from a helicopter over the northern side looking southwards, on what must have been a quite windy day.

2 Jan: 8 miles, 1:07, 8:22 pace
3 Jan: 11 miles, 1:33, 8:27 pace


  1. Hi Thomas,

    The pic looks amazing. The scenery must be really nice.

    I have only done Yoga once through a video. I ordered a Yoga DVD. It should arive today or tomorrow. Will post up on how it is.

  2. Yay, a photo! It's beautiful.

    Glad to hear Shea's fine. Hope your hamstring feels betters soon!

  3. Good luck with the hammy, and I'm glad to hear Shea is ok. Good job getting the miles in, even with the boys in bed and all.

  4. Nice looking lake to run by. Hope the hammy get's better. Glad to have you back.

  5. you are a lucky man the scenary is beautiful.

  6. Awesome pic. What an amazing place to be able to run in.
    Hope the hamstring is feeling better!

  7. Just beautiful!! I'm so glad Shea is OK. that's so frightening for everyone.

    Great job on the 18 miles as well...and AT NIGHT!?! take care of that hamstring.