Sunday, January 08, 2006

No Show

I had intended to run a 10-mile race in Mallow today. However, when I got up in the morning, all kinds of doubts came into my head. I didn’t want to abandon Niamh for half the day with three unruly children; I had run a 5k race only 7 days ago; my hamstring was still hurting and I didn’t want to aggravate it; I didn’t fancy the drive; I intended not to run all-out, but didn’t trust myself to stick to that. In short, I decided not to go, but do a proper tempo run along Caragh Lake instead.

It was quite late when I finally managed to get out of the door. First I waited until Niamh got up (and cleaned the kitchen in the meantime), then she wanted to take a long bath (I did the washing in the meantime), then the kids needed my attention … by then it was 11:30, and I knew if I wouldn’t leave right away, I wouldn’t go at all, so out I went. I ran 2 easy warm-up miles, and then did a 5-mile run at LT pace. It was hard going at first, but as always became a bit easier once I got into it. I had to push it again in the last mile, but managed to hold on. My 5 mile time was 36:30, which is almost definitely the fastest I have ever run over that distance, but as I have never raced 5 miles, I won’t call it a PR. At that stage I was 5 miles away from our house and decided to do the last 5 miles home at a more relaxed pace.

I’m glad I didn’t run the race now, because if I had tried to keep my 5 miles pace for another 5 miles, I would definitely have been extremely knackered, and seeing as I have a 54 miles week ahead of me, with a 20 miler on Tuesday, it probably is better that way.

8 Jan, 12 miles, 1:36, 8:00 pace, with 5 miles tempo run at 7:18 pace


  1. Probably a good call skipping the race, now is the time to be feeling good with no aches and pains, which is something a race inevitably invites (in my case). Good luck on the 20 miler, you may need more than just the cereal for that one!

  2. Nice 5 mile time and it sounds like you have a big week ahead of you. Stay healthy.

  3. Great to know you were able to workout in such a good pace, after that big effort!

  4. It was probably the right decision to take it easier right before a big week. You have a fantastic pace going, keep up the good work!

  5. A hard decision but seems like it was the right one. Good job on the run.