Thursday, January 19, 2006

Back on Track

I’ve not written a blog entry for the week because I haven’t been running. I decided to give my achilles a bit of a break, because I don’t want to aggravate it, and a ruptured tendon is just too nasty to risk.

I had three days without running. Unfortunately this didn’t translate into more sleep, as the boys were up at 6 am every single morning, and with fixing them breakfast, turning on the telly or putting on a video, changing a nappy or just generally looking after them, I didn’t get an ounce of sleep after that. Unfortunately, mummy is not a morning person, and the kids have learnt that lesson very early in their lives – they always come straight to daddy.

I iced my achilles tendon on Monday, and it seemed to swell up like a balloon – I could hardly make out my ankle any more. That said, the pain has gone away, and I decided to test the waters this morning and ran 6 miles at a relaxed tempo. It was a bit too fast to be called a recovery run, but it was at a relaxed and easy pace. The achilles was fine (I felt it, but it didn’t actually hurt), but at mile 5.5 I felt a sharp pain in my right knee. I had to stop running and walked for a minute, then it was gone and I could continue all the way back home without trouble. I don't know what it was, but I sure hope it’s not the first sign of yet another injury.

I had another Yoga class on Wednesday, and that was when I was sure my achilles was better. Last week it was very sore on some of the stretches, but yesterday I was fine all the way through. That said, I will be careful and might cut back on some of the runs if I think there’s something wrong with me.

I will also apply my usual cure for niggling injuries: a new pair of runners. My two active pairs have 260 and 360 miles on them. That’s not excessive, but it’s time for a new pair. In the past, this has usually cured any small problems I might have had with my legs.

19 Jan: 6 easy miles, 53:27, 8:54 pace


  1. New shoes cure all. That's just the way the world works.

  2. I'm with Susan on the new shoes..but be careful.. sounds like you are being cautious...

  3. Unlike the ladies, I not with the new shoes. I just can't stand new things. Anyhow...

    I'm sure you know this and I'm sure ten people will say this (or they won't and I'll look like a tit)...your knee was probably hurtin because your gait was a little different with a tight achilles, and your knee was making up for that.

  4. heal, heal...sometimes new shoes become the shoes for life.

  5. Thomas,

    is there a particular achille(?) that is giving u problems? Or is it on both feet?

  6. Good you were able to stop running, even making that decision it's hard sometimes.

  7. I know it's hard to do, but I'm glad you took some time off.
    Sounds like your body is happier too!
    My son is 15 yr. and doen't need Mom much anymore...enjoy those young ones..they will be grown before you know it :)

  8. 3 days of stop now prevent a longer stop in the next future. I hope that the problem at the tendon doesn't waste your marathon program

  9. I am enjoying your blog a lot. Your training times are similar to mine. I empathise with your weather..phew, sounds like its always raining and blowing a gale!
    I wonder if your niggly injuries are all related, through unconsciously compensating during your runs. I have noticed this myself (yer ankle bones connected to your knee bone, yer knee bones connected to yer thigh bone , etc., etc.,)

    Anyway, all the best for your marathon!