Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Family Matters

About 3 weeks ago, while doing the school run, Niamh suddenly spotted a tiny kitten sitting bleeding by the roadside. It had obviously been hit by a car and was injured, but she could not tell how badly. Being a kind soul, she brought it to the vet who nurtured her back to life. Inquiries into whose cat it might be came to nothing; it was probably abandoned at the roadside. A few days after her brush with death, Dipsy became part of the family.

She’s probably wondering at times what she's gotten into, especially when Maia keeps torturing her. Not that she is really meaning to of course, but the treatment by an overexcited 2-year old amounts to the same. Dipsy is very keen on hunting two things: her own tail, and my ankles. I’m covered in scratches, but who cares, she’s too cute. Then, last Sunday, she went missing. We feared the worst, and especially the girls were very upset. Then, hours later, just as I was folding away some laundry, I noticed a bump in our bed, and guess what feline scallywag was having a great nap! The excitement was great, and we’re a happy family unit once more.

Later that day Niamh asked, pretty much out of the blue, if I would consider cycling to school with Lola in the morning. It would make her school run much easier and of course I didn’t mind the least. At 8:30 next morning off we went down the driveway, just the two of us. Her school is on my way to work anyway. Why didn’t we think of that earlier?

Oh, and I did some running as well. 8 easy miles on Monday passed much faster than anticipated, and the HR was below 140, which pleased me no end. I take it as a good sign. Today I wore my new pair of Lunaracers for the first time. They are replacing an identical but worn pair that have done good service in Boston and Dingle, and several races in-between. I compared the wear pattern on the old sole with the new ones, and was surprised to see that there was little wear at the heels but quite a bit at the balls of the foot. Almost all of the photos of me running show me as a heel striker and that’s where I would have expected the shoes to show most signs of use. Interesting. Anyway, the run was fine, including 12x100 strides on the way home. Things will intensify a little more very soon.
28 Sep
8 miles, 1:03:09, 7:53 pace, HR 139
29 Sep
10 miles, 1:17:25, 7:44 pace, HR 147
incl. 12x100 strides


  1. Bless you for your families kindness! Our cat was adopted in a similar manner and now she is queen of the house!!

  2. Cats are great pets! Mine is sleeping on my lap as I type this. He also still tries to full-on tackle humans, so his ambitious nature is admirable. Cool you guys adopted the kitten!

    Nice job also on the running front.

  3. Maybe Niamb [after soon bribing] could video you running side on, this would give you limitless information on your running form, for you to ponder over!
    p.s. lucky cat I think!

  4. Good on you guys. I'm glad you're not rushing the training, I really hope you acan pull off a good race in Dublin. All the best.

  5. Would have made a better video if Lola's pink bag had swung into your front wheel ;)

    Yes, good low HR on that run - 682 beats per kilometre. I think some photos 'appear' to be heel landing, but if taken a fraction later they'd show a flat or mid-foot landing.

  6. I have taken to cycling the girls to school as well. Although I have to do the cycling for the 3 year old as she sits behind me doing the hand signalling! I didn't appreciate it yesterday just before a 24 miler. We're photo no. 26 in the first batch on this link:


  7. Good story, it's funny how cats often adopt you, rather than vice versa.

  8. you have hands down the cutest family EVER! i hope you count your blessings every day. :)