Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Dingle Training

It’s time again for another one of my standard marathon training summary posts.

Training (excluding taper):
14 weeks
Total Number of Miles (excluding taper):
1210: 62, 71, 73, 90, 95, 102, 75, 76, 100, 87, 103, 100, 100, 76
Average mpw (excluding taper):
# runs of 20 miles or more:
7 (1 x 24, 1 x 22, 5 x 20)
# weeks of 100 miles or more:
Highest weekly mileage:
Highest mileage over any 7 consecutive days:
109 (oops)
# of PRs:
1 (10K), or 2 if you want, because I lowered my 10k PR twice in successive races
None. In fact, I recovered from a longstanding mild case of PF while doing those 100-mile weeks. No kidding.

I don’t know if miles really make champions (that’s relative on my case, obviously), but I sure gave it a good go. I always tried to ensure that I didn’t run any miles purely for the miles’ sake. I had a few minor niggles, my left foot is a bit sore on the outside, just beneath the ankle, and has been so for the last few weeks. It won’t be an issue on Saturday. My right achilles seems to be slightly sore, but I think that’s a taper-induced phantom injury.

The taper was very long due to the excessive soreness from the Mangerton Mountain race 4 weeks ago. I’ve no regrets about doing that one, though, but ideally I would have preferred a standard 3 weeks taper. Indeed, I felt on top of my game during last Saturday’s run. I try to remember that you can’t lose much fitness in one week, but the legs felt truly stiff and heavy today, and it’s not down to excessive mileage for a change.

Tomorrow will be my first off day since 2 May. That’s a decent streak, not that I have any intentions of starting a running streak for its own sake. On Friday I’ll do 20 easy minutes, just to calm the nerves. On Saturday, I will race.

As someone just reminded me in his well-wishing message, Dingle is not a place to be looking for a personal best, so I can just relax and enjoy the occasion. In fact, that was one of the reasons why I signed up for it. I wanted to run a marathon without feeling that I have to shoot for a sub-3. Unfortunately my mind doesn’t really work that way and I keep thinking about that 2:59:59. But it’s not going to happen this weekend. The plan is to set out at a decent pace that will be sustainable but ideally keep a personal best within striking distance, maybe 7:10 or so, but I'll see how I feel on the day. If things are going great I might push harder, never forgetting that miles 21-23 are going to be severely punishing, and preferably still have some usable quads for the last 3 downhill miles (that’s a big ask though).
8 Sep
6 miles, 47:46m 7:58 pace, HR 142
incl. 5x100 strides
9 Sep
4 miles, 32:03, 8:00 pace, HR 139
incl. 4x100 strides


  1. Good luck in the marathon. I've enjoyed following your blog over the last few months.

  2. Good luck this weekend, all the best of luck. Don't forget to relax and to run with a hint of madness in your eye.

  3. All the best for Saturday Thomas. You have worked hard this year and I hope it all comes together.

    I look forward to hearing all about it.


  4. Best of Luck Thomas! It's looking like the weather will be on your side.Have 'fun'!

  5. Remember 'PAIN IS GOOD'
    Pace it like 'BARRY'
    ENJOY and Relax and have a 'good time'

  6. Good luck!! Amazing miles and smart training! Have fun, too!

  7. Good luck Thomas. Enjoy the day. Looking forward to your race report

  8. Don't give up on 2:59:59. If the pace is good and the legs are strong, it could be there!

    Good luck!

  9. Have a good one Thomas. Hope you can crack it for a PB.

  10. Goodluck tomorrow. Might see you at the start, number 421 and wearing navy singlet with red sides and LeCheile crest.

  11. Looks like the weather will be fantastic Thomas, which is all you need for a great marathon experrience. Enjoy!

  12. best of luck tommorrow Thomas, look forward to reading your race report.

  13. Good luck in your race, looks like you've trained hard for it!

  14. Very best of luck tomorrow, Thomas, from the States. I thoroughly enjoy following your training. I hope that the marathon is everything you want it to be. Under 3 or over, I'm sure you'll give it your all. Great Work!