Thursday, July 27, 2006

That feeling again

It’s Thursday evening, and I’ve got the usual Thursday evening feeling of dread coming up. Somehow I’m not looking forward to tomorrow’s 20-miler. 20 miles just seems such a long distance, and after running 38 miles in the last 4 days, the legs are a bit weary before I’ve even started my long run.

Jeez, would everyone, including me, stop whinging please. Half of the running blogs I’m reading seem to be full of whinging these days: no mojo, no motivation, too hot, too much pain, too many pounds … Let’s try and remember that we’re in this mostly for fun, and stop all that complaining. I’ll try and fall in line, too.

As for the ultra, I won’t be wasting too much thought on that just yet. No, I don’t know how to train for this. Hal Higdon has a training schedule for a 54-mile ultra, and I’ll get some pointers from that, but I won’t be following the schedule as such. Anyway, I’ve got to run the Dublin marathon first, where I intend to cut a significant chunk off my PR; thus I’m still focusing on the marathon training, and any thoughts of more will be put to the back of my mind for the next 3 months.

Wednesday’s 12 miles went without a hitch, so much so that I haven’t got anything to write about them. All I put into my log was “fine”. Today’s run was a sign that the training is stepping up yet another notch in intensity. Thursdays were always days for a recovery run, together with Tuesday. Not so this week, the easy recovery run has been replaced by an 8-miler with 10x100 strides. I duly followed the schedule, but for some reason I also went out without breakfast, which I’ve never done before for a run longer than 5 miles. I duly felt rather low on energy all the way, though I did manage just fine. After the turnaround point at 4 miles it was time to start the strides. Did I feel like doing them? No, definitely not. Did I do them anyway? Of course I did, and guess what: they weren’t as bad as feared, once I got underway, just like always.

I forgot to mention in my last post, I did wear the disgraced Nimbuses again on Tuesday for the 5 mile recovery run, and this time they felt ok, and my blister from Sunday/Monday is already gone. Maybe we’ll get to love each other after all, eventually.

26 Jul: 12 miles, 1:36, 8:00 pace
27 Jul: 8 miles, 1:06, 8:15 pace, including 10x100 strides


  1. Definitely put the ultra on the back burner while you're going after a marathon PR. From my experience, it's very hard to maintain your speed while ramping up your long runs and overall mileage to ultra-training standards. There will always be plenty of ultras out there for later.

  2. The grumpiness has taken over, but if you can't complain on your blog, then where can you?? :) I predict another month of it.

  3. Yes, forget about the ultra after I put in my 2 cents.

    That ultra training plan is pretty hardcore with the back to back long runs on Saturday and Sunday. The mileage is doable, but Saturday and Sunday look pretty brutal to me. Helpful, but not entirely necessary.

    Alright back to your plans of a PR at the marathon.

  4. Thomas, Ultra advice from an ultra-groupie: just pretend you are Rob. If your schedule says 6, substitute 50. It'll work!

    Okay, I'm done being a smart-alec (I just hope Rob comes back to read this!). Really, I have no advice, except, find someone wonderful to crew for you. I don't think your training matters much if your crew is wonderful. (Whoops, the smart-alec came out again, I'll quit now!)

  5. Yup, if you can't whine on your blog, where can you do it? Good luck on the 20. It's a long way but think of it as a gift to yourself where you can go as slow and easy as you please. Fuel up and savor those last 3-4 miles!

  6. Although you are right about the complaining, Susie does have a good point. Of course it doesn't get hot in Ireland, so you don't have anything to complain about ;-)

  7. I came here to whine...but I see that has been banned - like steroids!

    I believe you'll feel much better after you finish the 20...might as well get on with it and put it in the bank Thomas!

  8. In this moment the 20 miles are in your logbook and I am waiting for the darkness for my workout!

  9. You're right, we have become a bunch of

    But after reading your post and some of the funny comments, I no longer feel like whining, I just want to laugh and laugh more. *grin*

    Besides despite lack of motivation to run, life is good!

  10. whining? who's whining! ;)

    good job getting out there and getting it done.