Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Déjà Vu

Picture the scene. Monday morning, 5am. Shea storms into our bedroom. “Daddy. I can’t dream!” “Well, go back to bed then” “No, I don’t dream when I sleep, and I want to see the world!” This might sound weird to you, but we’re used to that kind of thing by now. Unfortunately he didn’t go back to bed, and didn’t shut up until I let him watch a DVD. Obviously this cut my sleep short, and once more I didn’t get the required amount of sleep. I went out for 11 miles, and once again decided to run in the shade. It’s just to hot to run beside Caragh Lake, even at 6 am in the morning the sun seems to be blazing down. The run was ok, but my legs are quite weary, which isn’t particularly surprising after the biggest mileage of my life, and after 12 fairly fast miles on Sunday.

Picture the scene. Tuesday morning, 5am. Shea storms into our bedroom. “Daddy, I …” “Shut up!!!!!” (that was Niamh). Miraculously he did indeed go back to bed this time – for another 30 minutes, then it was once more time for another DVD. Obviously this cut my sleep short, and once more I didn’t get the required amount of sleep. Does that seem like a recurring event? Anyway, I managed to get some more sleep after that, and got up just before 7am to head out for a 5-mile recovery run. This week is a cut-down week of a mere 56 miles, but if I don’t get my sleep I’m afraid it won’t have the desired recovery effect.

The weather is gorgeous at the moment, my mother-in-law would say the sun is splitting the stones, though in Kerry terms that only means temperatures up to 27C/80F. Unfortunately this isn’t going to last, and the forecast for the weekend is rain. Isn’t that great? You’re sweating in the office all day long, and by the time you get the chance to enjoy the sunshine it will be gone!

Ah well.

17 Jul: 11 miles, 1:30, 8:11 pace
18 Jul: 5 miles, 47:15, 9:27 pace


  1. hee hee. I love the statement, I want to see the world. Hilarious!

    your milage is so awesome! maybe in a couple years I can try and move up to that plan. keep up the great work.

  2. You can come and run with me, we are expecting 36C/97F and sunshine for the next couple days.

    I have a man from Cork University sitting in my office this week - he said he cycles around Caragh Lake every chance he gets - he said it is an incredibly beautiful place - no wonder you run so much :-)

  3. All I can tell you about sleep is that one day they'll grow up, you'll get all the sleep you want, and you'll wish in a weird way that you weren't sleeping anymore.....

  4. Oh, but don't forget those teen years Susie! The ones where you lose the sleep on the front end, waiting for them to get home. But, you do get some sleep in the middle years, and I do miss those sleepy, cuddly, warm little guys. Somehow they got replaced by these huge boy-men. It seems to have happened when I wasn't looking. Enjoy it while it lasts Thomas!

  5. Thomas,

    Just catching up on your blog.

    Congrats on hitting 68 miles. That's a lot of pounding the pavement.

    Love how u right this blog...with those kids, u will never need an alarm clock.

  6. Which is the real world? The dreams or the everyday life? In my opinon "I want to see the world" is a deep and wise sentence

  7. Don't know about "enjoy iut while it lasts", but, as Michelle says, they do make you go sleepless later, and those nights are much worse.
    But I feel your pain, though you sound like you manage it quite fine:)
    Miles, miles. Scary numbers. Weird goals...

  8. i want to see the world! i love it :)

    the sun splitting the stones. neat phrase.

  9. The next thing you know you'll be loosing more sleep because you are waiting up late into the night for Shea to get home. I'd completely forgotten about getting woken up early in the morning. Thanks for bringing back the memories.

    Fantastic mileage; little wonder considering the amazing landscape around you.

  10. "I want to see the world!"
    Gotta love that...
    Being sleep deprived is tough but it will pass and before you know it they will know how to put in and start up the DVD on thier own and you can sleep for a few hours longer :)

  11. at first i thought you just rewrote your first paragraph by mistake...poor you, no, it keeps happening! I LOVE "I want to see the world!" I always think of dreams as free movies...what a wise kid you have there.. I am FINALLY catching up on my blog reading and just read your last few entries...man, you are racheting up the miles! I can't imagine 68 in one week! Nice visit to nana, too; didn't break too many things. I don't know how you manage to run on no sleep and then go to work. I need your secret.

    my kid will be in your part of the world on sunday nite on her way home...she'll be in shannon! (A bit far from you!) I wish she could stay longer than just overnight. we love ireland.

  12. It is so hard when it is like this with kids, seems like it won´t ever end, but it will I´ll promess.

    Just some tiredeness on your legs? Well that seems to be nothing compared with all the running you´ve done!!!