Sunday, July 09, 2006

Back in the Big Smoke

The basking in glory after Friday’s race didn’t last too long. Saturday morning I had to sneak out early to get 5 miles of recovery run under my belt, because as soon as I came back I had to pack my bags and we drove to Dublin. The roads very extremely busy and it took us an hour longer than expected. Long hours in the car always play havoc with my legs, and I felt stiff as a plank by the time we got to Nana’s and Gaga’s house. The fact that it was the day after a race didn’t help matters. Nana and Gaga had spent a few hours trying to make their house Cian-proof, but were only partially successful. Ever since Cian scratched one of Nana’s DVDs on their last visit to Kerry, they are more aware of his destructive streak. He still managed to grab a few beauty products and smear them all over the bathroom mirror when everyone thought he was asleep, but so far that’s the only time he managed to escape the watchful eyes.

I managed to get in a decent run today. Running in Dublin always means running by time rather than miles for me, because I don’t really know the distances here, and I’m too skint to waste my money on toys like a Garmin or a new Polar pod. I was planning on 12 miles, but probably did a bit more than that, and was hampered by the very windy conditions. I’m sure you’re all familiar with the scene. You head out, and for a few miles running seems very easy and you think you’re feeling really good. Then you reach the turnaround point and realise that the second leg of the journey will be against the blustering headwind. I managed to push through that, and I managed to do 10x100 strides as well, to finish the week on about 64 miles. I had sacrificed a rest day for an extra recovery run after Wednesday’s 19 miler, and accordingly cut one 10 mile run down to 5 to keep the mileage in line with the plan. This week calls for 67, which will be a bit awkward with the unfamiliar routes and with us travelling back to Kerry on Friday, but at least I don’t have to get up at 4:30 in the morning to run 20 miles before heading to work. I’ve still got some slight pain in my right side, but it’s definitely receding and – most importantly - it doesn’t stop me from running.

8 Jul: 5 miles, 48:10, 9:38 pace
9 Jul: 1:44, approx. 12.5 miles


  1. Nice job Thomas. Running with the wind is always nice, but you are right, heading into it is hard. I kinda like it when it's a warm spring wind.

  2. Good work! I like running by time in places that are strange and do simple out and backs but then there is always the wind and weather!

    RunThePlanet has a bunch of running routes for Dublin here:

  3. Sounds like the training is going well.

    P.S. Running that long into a headwind is good training for the Big Sur Marathon, if you ever get out our way!

  4. I was telling my son about you this morning on our drive into work. He was amazed at all the miles you put in, especially before you go to work yourself!
    Glad you got to sleep in abit LOL!

  5. Nice job on your 5k PR Thomas!!

    I am all too familiar with those windy 2nd 1/2 training runs - ugh. I'm impressed with your mileage lately!

    Oh by the way, I guess I'll have to work on pulling myself away from the GSon if I am ever going to qualify for Boston....yes training for the Philadelphia marathon officially starts next week!

  6. I think your 5k had a great time! OK, I am behind on everything, but I did catch that you ran a race:)

  7. We call Toronto the Big Smoke here in Canada. By the way, great 5 K race Thomas! Congratulations. Personally, I find out-and-back routes to be pretty boring but what else can you do in a strange neighbourhood. Keep up the great work.

  8. I always enjoy running in new places. Can't tell you how many little brunch places and dive bars I've found because I wanted to see what was over one more block. I'm sure these vacation miles will fly by.

  9. If you fancy coming out for a little run on Thursday evening, I'll be down at the Phoenix Park for my regular weekly outing :). I was going to call, but thought you were only up for the weekend.

    Great job on the PR over 5K, so if we do go for a run, be gentle on me.