Thursday, October 27, 2005

Still no go

The stomach bug is slowly retreating from my body (and into the bodies of other bloggers it seems), and I’m slowly coming round to the idea of physical exercise again. I did Yoga again last night, which already felt easier than last week. I think I’m starting to understand a few of the poses.
I was also planning to start running again this morning, but the wind was howling all night and discouraged me from doing so. I have the option of either running in the woods where it is sheltered but nearly pitch dark at my time in the morning, or out in the open where the wind blows in straight from the Atlantic, and neither option was particularly appealing.

P.S.: It was so windy last night that a friend’s shed’s roof was blown off! Running in this weather might not just be unpleasant, but also a bit dangerous. I feel better now about not running.


  1. Get well soon. I'm glad I don't have the "extreme" weather it seems you have. Maybe the run in the forest would be doable with a flashlight :-)

  2. Feel better soon - don't feel too guilty, the wind can be ferocious.

  3. Speedy recovery mate. Check out Andew's Downeast Running if you want to hear of another runner's battles with the elements. Brave soul.

  4. Get well soon. Just think how fast you would have been if running with the