Monday, October 24, 2005

My turn

After reading in Susan’s and Yvonne’s blog about them feeling like poop, it was obviously my turn (you can’t catch an illness from reading someone else’s blog, can you?). I had stomach cramps and various unpleasant side-effects (I’ll spare you the details) over the weekend. I think it's a spell of gastroenteritis. Today I’m feeling better, but I’m staying home from work because I’m still far from ok. Needless to say, I didn’t do any running. I won’t be doing any over the next few days either until I feel up to it again.
Sorry about this entry devoid of any running activity in a running blog, sometime the Real World interferes, and it really sucks.


  1. Okay, that completely explains it all. I've been very tired and drained the last couple of days. Today I skipped my run cause I was too busy with the "runs", pardon my pun. Yup I caught it from my blog friends. Thanks for filling me

    Hope we all feel better soon.

  2. hee hee, I've always been very infectious.

  3. Yup, definitely must be the blogging. Alison and Mike have been writing of their unwellness too recently. We should report this phenomenum to somebody...