Sunday, June 17, 2012

Weighty Matters

Not too long ago I read something in the papers that dark chocolate can help you lose weight. For the last few weeks I have selflessly conducted an experiment to test that theory and I'm afraid the results are unanimous, clear and conclusive. Maybe it was the testing protocol, but I can openly state that stuffing your face with chocolate night after night after night will not lead to weight loss, much to my dismay. On Friday morning the weighing scales reached 150 pounds for the first time in quite a long time, 7 pound heavier than I was before Connemara, and it's time to get serious again.

Niamh disputes the fact that I am a fat slob, pointing out that I needed a belt to hold up my trousers, but what does that woman know about fat and weight anyway. The weighing scales don't lie (and neither does a certain 4-year old). Niamh also disputes that the XL sized t-shirt she got me for Father's Day was a subtle hint.

My left quads have felt a bit weird ever since I came off Mount Brandon. The soreness of the first three days was just as expected, but even after that had subsided there was still one area of my left leg that just did not feel right. I have therefore been taking it easier than planned all week, only doing short and easy runs. On Friday I finally started tackling the problem with The Stick and the results have been very promising. I probably should have done that a couple of day earlier.

I got in a few faster miles on Saturday on my way to the group run meeting point. I started out at a very relaxed pace and gradually increased the effort until I averaged just under 7-minute miles. The group run itself was much more mellow, taking into account that there are a few beginners with us. They are doing very well, I just wished the numbers were a bit bigger. A lot of people seem to be put off by cloudy conditions, not realising that this is actually perfect running weather. Again, if you're in the area and want to start running, joining us on Saturday 9am at the A Fit Body Gym will be your best ever opportunity.

On Sunday morning I was back on the Kerry Way, trying to squeeze some more vertical gains into my training, in the hope that it will build up my leg strength. A double crossing of Windy Gap had left me totally knackered a few weeks ago; it's astounding how quickly the body can adapt, today I went over that same mountain pass 4 times for a total elevation gain of 3000 feet and managed just fine. I wish I could have done at least one more double-crossing, but I was already 20 minutes later than what I had promised Niamh would be the latest arrival time. Maybe the climbing wall in Dingle added a small extra training stimulus. It certainly felt like hard work. I can't believe how easy Shea makes it look.

With that run in the bag, I guess I am now officially tapering, even though last week very much felt like a taper anyway. The race is only 19 days away.

16 Jun
10.55 miles, 1:24:04, 7:58 pace, HR 140
   5 faster miles followed by a group run
17 Jun
14.75 miles, 2:19:18, 9:26 pace, HR 154

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  1. That is a quick adaptation. I need to start running my hill loop again.

    From the dig at the Mrs I presume she's stopped reading your blog ;)