Tuesday, June 12, 2012

One For The Scrapbook

Would you believe it, I made the papers again! This time it was the Examiner, with the same photo I had printed in my race report, and with my name as well. Thanks to Keith for bringing it to my attention. If this keeps going at the same rate I need to get my image rights sorted soon!

I did bring quite a few things with me from that mountain: sore legs, mild sunburn and a set of memories stoked by some more photos. Mountain running lends itself to spectacular images, much more so than road running, and the stunning images on the race's facebook site are well worth checking out. On the scenic shots, if you zoom into it you see some little dots strewn about. That's us racers, being completely dwarfed by nature.

My legs have been sore ever since, as expected, but less so than after my first run over Windy Gap a few weeks ago; my legs strength has definitely improved since then. I have taken it easy every day and will do so until the legs are better. By then it will be rather close to Bangor and the taper will start. I might be able to do another run over Windy Gap, but that's it then and the taper madness can commence.

Niamh pointed out that there is a race in Glenbeigh at the end of July and automatically assumed that I would be running it. When I responded that I didn't think my legs would be up for it so soon after Bangor, her eyes went wide in fear and horror. "You mean you might not be able to run for the entire month of July???" She obviously thinks I won't be able to cope without running for a couple of week. Anyway, she soon calmed down, reasoning that there would be no chance whatsoever of me taking off so much time and therefore our marriage might last after all.
10 Jun
5 miles, 39:43, 7:57 pace, HR 144
11 Jun
5 miles, 40:35, 8:07 pace, HR 140
12 Jun
5 miles, 40:19, 8:04 pace, HR 139


  1. You are becoming a real celebrity now! I love running on mountains like that. It really reminds me how small I am in this world. Beautiful photos!

  2. Impressive photo's, really shows the scale of the terrain being crossed.

    Good to hear that the event stressed you a bit but no so much as to hamper further training. Those 3:15 marathons clearly weren't enough to force further adaptaption but mountain descents seem to be what you need to push your fitness/robustness a little further. Given this I'd suggest doubling up on your next outing on Windy Gap but slowing the pace, time on your feet seems to be one missing element in your training so far.

  3. Don't worry Thomas, just keep on pushing through the pain.

  4. keep tipping away there thomas. just curious - what if any visualisation techniques / strategies will u take on board for bangor?

  5. Spectacular scenery. You'll be hoping for a few quiet news days to get your name out of the paper!

    So Niamh says marriage survival is due to you running so much? Good reason to keep running... or not ;)