Friday, April 17, 2009

Training Summary

Training (excluding taper):
   21 weeks
Average mpw:
Average mpw if I don’t count the weeks compromised by sickness:
# runs of 20 miles or more:
Highest weekly mileage:
# of PRs:
   only 1 (10 miles), but that was a substantial one
  1. a cold at the start of December
  2. ankle sprain around New Year
  3. a severe cold in February
I didn’t have to deal with a real injury, the ankle problem was most likely caused by an overenthusiastic application of things like bounding, springing and jumping, and went away by itself without having to rest. The infection I had in February was probably the worst one I’ve had in a while (well, since the pneumonia, for sure), but happened just far enough out from the marathon date that it shouldn’t have an effect.

Various data points I can gather from my logs like the paces and HR on my runs show that I’m in better shape than before Dublin, and if everything goes to plan then maybe, just maybe, I could sneak under 3 hours. If not, then a new PR should still be possible, but I am well aware that Boston is generally not a course to go looking for PR; no need to point that out.

Anyway, I'm in Boston now. More of that later.


  1. whooo hoooo you made it! welcome!

  2. have a great race thomas!!

  3. Only 2 days, 3 hours, 39 minutes to go!

    Take it easy with the Samuel Adams.

    You can run the sub-3. Boston is a PB course. Deek ran his 2:07:51 there!

  4. Keep those legs fresh and take in all that Boston Marathon has become. You will feel like a rock star.

    I've run over 75 marathons and ultras. I only have one marathon medal hanging in my home. Boston 2004. The rest are in a drawer.

    I wish you a good run! I will be tracking you and watching on television.

  5. Enjoy the whole experience Thomas. You've worked hard and deserve success.


  6. The work is certainly done. Good luck.

  7. Boston's my PB and absolute favorite! See you for pasta tonite.

  8. I'll be running the Go! St. Louis marathon tomorrow. I expect you to finish Boston 2 hours faster then I do Go!

    Good Luck!