Thursday, April 16, 2009

Last Workout

I can’t believe this is really happening. Tomorrow I’ll step onto an aeroplane that will take me across the Big Pond, ready to run the race of my live – at least that’s the plan. Time has certainly flown, it seems only like yesterday that I crossed the finish line of the Dublin marathon.

In order to bring my weight down to racing weight I decided to fast for the last three days, taking only water and orange juice on-board. This should ensure that I don’t have to carry excess fat around the Boston marathon course and should get me a few precious seconds per mile.

Just kidding, don’t worry. More than one person has implored me not to undertake any more experiments before the marathon, and for once I’m inclined to listen. I guess the stomach cramps in Dublin were a strong enough hint to stop that kind of behaviour. As an added insurance I have Mike to watch over me, and I get the impression he’s got an attitude-adjusting tool (baseball bat, cattle prod, that kind of thing) handy in case I’ll start doing anything stupid.

I managed to take it easy on Tuesday and Wednesday, as promised. I did 6 easy miles on Tuesday, slowing down each time I looked at the Garmin. I have a tendency to pick up speed as the run goes along, but managed to keep myself in check. On Wednesday I set the alarm for 6:30, 7 miles, and thought that if I woke earlier I could squeeze in an extra mile. But for some reason I was still groggy with sleep at half six, and reset the alarm to get another 15 minutes of sleep, cutting the run down to 5. I’m not sure why I was so tired, I had gone to bed at a reasonable time. Anyway, the run was easy again, even though the rain made for rather miserable conditions, and ideally I would have liked to see the heart rate a few beats lower.

This morning I did my last workout, to blow away the cobwebs that had gathered during the taper. After a warm-up I ran a 5k at about HM pace, followed by an easy mile and 10x100 strides. I had programmed the entire fancy workout into the Garmin, only to discover that a) I kept missing the beeps and b) I had inadvertently set the repeats at 1000 instead of 100 meters. Doh. But I managed just fine doing things without the toy. The legs felt very good at the end, begging me to run further and faster. Sorry guys, you’ll have to wait a bit longer, just 4 more days.
14 Apr
6 miles, 50:34, 8:26 pace, HR 135
15 Apr
5 miles, 40:16, 8:03 pace, HR 141
16 Apr
8 miles, 56:54, 7:07 pace, HR 159
incl. 5k @ 6:29, 10x100 strides


  1. Have the time of your life Thomas and run like the wind, if not faster.

  2. best of luck Thomas and I'm look forward to reading of your success. I'm glad to hear that you've not refrained from experimenting.. although the orange juice and water idea wasn't bad and could have worked... :)

    Let's hope the wind is faster than 6:53!!

  3. Best of luck!! On Monday let the legs loose!!

  4. Good luck Thomas, you're definitely ready for this one.

    Don't forget to pack your shoes!! ; )

  5. Best of luck Thomas - give it a blast.
    Actually water and orange would be a good thing to drink lots of on the plane - those long haul flights can really dehydrate a body, so take as much of the free stuff they offer you. Leave the alcohol for the return flight :-)

  6. Good luck Thomas, enjoy the trip and remember your mantra, suffer as much as possible!

  7. best wishes, thomas! i'm excited to read your race report. i know you're going to enjoy the's like nothing else!

  8. Yay! Big fun in the big city! Good luck and good running Thomas. Wave towards the west coast and I'll wave back!

  9. Good luck, Thomas.

  10. good luck Thomas have a great race!!

  11. Watching that Ryan Hall in Boston video last week made me quite jealous that you're off over there. Have a blast, enjoy the race and hopefully the conditions are that bit more favourable than on that video.

  12. you're probably gone already so GOOD LUCK and I hope to meet you on Monday!!!