Thursday, August 03, 2006


Maybe I’m still asleep when I’m running these days? I had a weird experience on my 11-miler yesterday. I got a decent amount of sleep, about 7 hours, but was still tired by the time I hit the road. I do remember running the first mile, then my mind just zonked and the next time I remember I was at mile 5. The weird thing is, there were two big hills between those points, and I must have run across them without registering anything. I stayed awake for two miles, then I went offline again, and the next time I had a conscious thought I was back in our driveway. Weird, but cool in some way.

Today I had to run on my own accord again, 8 miles with 10x100 strides thrown in for good measure. Mindful of the very very long run tomorrow I kept the effort at an easy level. There’s not much to tell, apart from the fact that I kept hearing a cow mooing very loudly somewhere nearby, which of course reminded me of Monday’s run. I’m pretty sure she wasn’t still lost from that episode though.

It had to happen, I’ve been waiting for it, and now the time has finally come. After 15 years and 163843 miles of fateful service (well, only the last 2.5 years for us), our car has finally given in. It started collecting faults at an ever-increasing rate in the last few months. I already have a replacement ready, though I cannot really call it my new car. You can’t possibly call a 14-year-old car “new” by any stretch of the imagination. It’s in good condition (the mother-in-law did look after it very well), and is the only thing I can afford right now. It will do.

2 Aug: 11 miles, 1:27, 7:54 pace
3 Aug: 8.2 miles, 1:09, 8:24 pace, with 10x100 strides


  1. Thomas, my husband had to take the car into work today instead of his usual bike/train combo. I had a meeting at the Y, so I drove our son's 20 year old car. We are only the second owner, yet it has a ton of miles on it. It's remarkable how well it runs and drives. The only flaw is that the passenger door handle fell off, other than that it's a nice, steady car.

    I've had a run or two like that - I'll end up at home and barely remember the course or the run. Those are kind of cool. I've never heard repetitive cow mooing during it though!

  2. Three kids, right? I see a minivan in your future.

  3. What a wonderful run Thomas!

  4. It's called "dissociation." (Not disassociation.) Some official explanation: "Dissociation is a mental process, which produces a lack of connection in a person's thoughts, memories, feelings, actions, or sense of identity...dissociation exists on a continuum of severity. This continuum reflects a wide range of experiences and/or symptoms. At one end are mild dissociative experiences common to most people, such as daydreaming, highway hypnosis, or "getting lost" in a book or movie, all of which involve "losing touch" with conscious awareness of one's immediate surroundings."

    It's always interesting and a little disconcerting to experience. It's tough to live with when you have an actual dissociative disorder, as caused by trauma...wait a minute, did those cows give you a traumatic experience?! ;)

  5. A post late -- what exactly does 15 courses entail?

    And happy anniversary!

  6. Dissociation sounds good, I just call it spacing out. It sure helps pass the time during a long run, but can be detrimental on your running form and even health if running in a "cliff-infested" area.

    My wife would apply these symptoms to me when I am blogging :-)

  7. If you ever learn how to zone out like that on command TELL US!!!

  8. Wow!
    Sleep running!
    Way cool!
    I want some of that!!!!!

  9. Thomas,

    I would get an used car as well. New car depreciate too fast.

    Love that zen state. I have some of that this morning running in a trail. The sunlight was hitting the morning mist and create great scenery everywhere.

  10. oh what bliss!! 11 miles and not to remember any of it...maybe someone slipped you that drug they used to give women during childbirth...didn't take away the pain, just made you forget!!

    I gotta get me some of that stuff.

    now what's all this about a cow?

  11. Wow .. Thomas, you are one relaxed runner. If I can zone out for 20m I think I'm doing well. Most of us are far too busy thinking the crap we are doing wrong to pull this off. Anyway you could start up a web-based training program? Call it "You're Inner Runner". You'd make millions

  12. holy MOLY - 163K+ miles!!!! what kind of car is it??? I'm in the process of looking for something reliable.

    and it's speaks volumes for your fitness that you can run hilly miles and not even notice!

  13. I gotta get me some of that Zen magic stuff. Something to make the miles slip away. Sounds like a winner!