Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Change of Plan

I had planned to stay in Valentia until Wednesday, but we decided it would be better if I didn’t drive back down on Tuesday and stayed in Caragh Lake instead. This suited me fine, as it meant an extra 45 minutes of sleep before today’s run, and I wasn’t going to turn that down.

I did 6 easy miles on Tuesday, which of course turned out to my last run in Valentia for a while. Running there is quite nice, the scenery is spectacular on a nice day, and there is a good mix of flat and hilly runs. The downside is that you are constantly being battered by the wind. The weather comes straight from the Atlantic, and there is nothing to stop the wind all along the way. In fact, Tuesday’s was the only run there when the winds was reasonably calm.

When I started out this morning for my 11-miler, I wondered why the legs felt so heavy. I felt like I was attached to some balls-and-chains (no married jokes, please), until I finally remembered that I had done some speedwork on Monday, and the effects were clearly there today. I managed to drag myself along for the entire run, despite being tempted to turn around for all of the outbound section. When I checked my time afterwards I noticed I had done sub 8:00 pace once again. I probably should keep the pace a bit more relaxed on those kinds of runs, especially when I’m not feeling at the top of the world.

Anyway, Niamh and the kids are probably back home by now, and I’m already halfway through my first week back at work. It’s raining outside (that started shortly after my run – lucky escape), and everyone in the office is miserable because summer is over. Ah well.

22 Aug: 6 miles, 55:54, 9:19 pace
23 Aug: 11 miles, 1:27, 7:54 pace


  1. Thomas,
    I can't believe summer's over, but I am noticing a little chill in the air in the mornings - and I can tell it's fall creeping in. Better get ready for the running in the rain again! Around here, it's only one more week till school starts.

  2. Yep, it's already drizzled this morning!

  3. Summer is almost over..

    i can't wait till the start of next season :)

  4. Has summer started yet? Actually we had August weather at the end of June, now we have April weather.

    I'm finding my training runs are becoming blurred, e.g. my recovery, easy and tempo runs are becoming almost the same speed - these should normally be very distinguishable.

  5. The spectacular scenery helps to run better. Yes summer is over and the funny vacations are beautiful memories.

  6. There is a chill in the air here too and we are sleeping without the A/C running 24/7.
    It is sad to think summer will soon come to an end in NE PA but we are lucky in this part of the world to have very pleasent fall weather to look forward to.
    Perfect for just about any outdoor activity :)

  7. Just wait, we're going to have a lovely September *fingers crossed*.

  8. Summer is over, and now comes the comfortable running weather! No more heat and humidity! (It's all in how you look at it.)