Thursday, June 15, 2006

Not really recovering

If my family would read your comments, they’d laugh for hours. Me and patient? Not really, though I’m much more tolerant with the kids than with anyone else. And my reaction always depends what part of the house Cian is destroying. Somehow I cared a lot less about the floorboards being covered in a thick layer of paint than I did about the DVDs he’s demolished.

I’m in the middle of a recovery week, not that you’d know it from the schedule so far. Yesterday’s 10 miler went very well, apart from a hiatus at mile 4.5, when I turned around and started to head home. It took half a minute for my brain to wake up and realise that this would make it 9 miles rather than 10, and I turned around once more to finish my loop. There was also something weird happening; a car was parked at the side of a road, overlooking a few houses. As soon as the driver saw me coming, he started the motor and sped off. It could be coincidence of course, but somehow I got the feeling that he drove off because he didn’t want to be seen around there.

I ran another 5-mile recovery run today, which was uneventful. Unfortunately, once more I didn’t get enough sleep. This time it wasn’t down to me going to bed too late, but to Shea waking well before 6 o’clock, and keeping me awake. That’s the problem with June. It’s still bright when they go to bed, and it gets bright again well before they are supposed to wake up, and Shea is an early riser anyway. Ah well, I’m sure he’ll sleep until lunchtime once he reaches his teens. Until then, Daddy will have to get used to early interruptions of his sleep.

14 Jun: 10 miles, 1:19, 7:54 pace
15 Jun: 5 miles, 47:51, 9:34 pace


  1. Thomas, you are still doing pretty good on little sleep! And you are right, before you know it, they'll be sleeping for hours and you'll be lamenting the days they got up early! My son got up at 7:15, went into work to take care of a few things, and by 8:45 was back home in bed. Such is the way of the teenager!

  2. Hey, thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I can sympathize with you on the lack of sleep thing, although not with twins. I hear it gets better, but I'm still waiting on that, too.

  3. Empathise on the sleep. I try to go to bed early, but then I wake up every hour during the night, and that's without babies in the house!

    You are running really well at the moment, any shorter races planned in the next month or so?

  4. I remember the fight to get enough sleep when my kids were young. My daughter was the worst, but now she has two that deprive her of sleep - payback? :-)

    You're still doing some awesome runs considering the amount of sleep you get!