Thursday, June 22, 2006

Back to Form

Oh yes, back to form he certainly is. Cian, I’m talking about. Yesterday evening I had to mind the boys on my own, because Niamh took Lola and Grandma to the theatre, and the men stayed behind. While I was giving Shea a bath, Cian found the set of paints that they had been using earlier during the day, and which Grandma, who is not yet wise to his antics, had left within his reach. When it was time to get Shea out of the bath I went “Cian, where are you? Cian? Hello? Cian? Oh there you … OH NO!” He had once again covered the kitchen floor with a thick layer of paint, and there were red marks over the cupboards, the cutlery drawer, the microwave, as well as inside the microwave. In fact, it looked like a murder scene, with red blotches all over the place. I put the boy straight back into the bath, and spent at least half an hour cleaning the kitchen. This is becoming an all-too-frequent ritual.

Eventually I got the boys to bed, by which time I myself was ready to collapse. This parenting stuff isn’t getting any easier.

Oh, and I managed to run as well. 11 miles on Wednesday, and 5 miles today all went well, and I haven’t got anything to report, really. I was lucky with the weather on both occasions, though it is supposed to be raining again for Friday’s 17 miles. Let’s wait and see, I suppose.

Liam asked if I was planning any shorter races. Well, unfortunately Kerry is a complete wasteland as far as road running is concerned, and I don’t fancy driving for hours to take part in some 5-mile race in a different part of the country. One exception is the 5k fun-run which is part of Killarney’s annual summer fest, and which will be on 7 July, which is a Friday evening. Of course I haven’t done any speedwork, and I’m not planning on doing any before the race. I’ll have to swap around my long run for that week, because I’m certainly not going to run 19 miles in the morning and then a 5k race in the evening. I’ll probably do the long run on Wednesday. This will mean I won’t be fully recovered for the race, but that’s ok with me. I’m not gunning for a PR.

21 Jun: 11 miles, 1:29, 8:05 pace
22 Jun: 5 miles, 46:18, 9:15 pace


  1. I was like oh, no as you... it is too much for your life as a parent, a whole challenge to patience.

    I don't think you need to recover for a short race, still you are very fast :)

  2. Thomas, I'm just catching up here. Chicken pox are the worst! I'm glad you are through them. I love the tickling toes and smile story - that's such a sweet thing to see. I'm glad things are looking up - even if it does involve messes.

  3. Geez you boys..such a handful...

    My Muskoka race is actually my second tri race ever. The first tri race was last year. It was 750m, 30 km, 7.5km.

  4. Cian is my kind of guy - Little Mister Mischief!

  5. Sometimes I wonder if you are just pulling our leg with all the stuff that Cian gets into. It is almost too bad to be true. However, my boy is only 18 months old so I will keep my mouth shut for now.

  6. Glad to hear the kids are doing better. Chicken pox sucks. You've really had your hands full, haven't you?!?!

  7. Well, I guess it could have been worse. He could have painted the couch or something. I'm glad the CP is getting better.