Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Various Pains

Weather-wise we were wondering whether we would witness wonderfully wintry wemperatures. Sorry about that. It actually stopped raining, and I hardly got wet this morning, but the temperatures have dropped so much that I was running in long sleeves the last two days. Normally I’m always out in short sleeves/shorts until the temperatures reach about 0C/32F, but running in Sunday’s rain had the unwelcome side-effect that I caught a bit of a head-cold. It’s nothing serious, and it passes the neck-test; but I really wished the headaches and the blocked nose would stop. Yesterday’s 10 miles were maybe a bit too fast, but for today’s recovery run I really kept the effort at the easy, easy, easy level, to avoid another scolding from Coach Mike. In fact, I felt a bit light-headed and woozy when I got up this morning and told myself to bag the workout if the heart rate was elevated, but once I was out running I immediately felt better, and the heart rate was always in the proper range when I checked.

The other thing bothering me is my right calf. I’m not sure what the issue is at the moment. At first I though it was an achilles strain, started off from the sprained ankle on Thursday, but the area of the pain is about two inches above the area where I last suffered from tendonitis, and slightly to the inside of my leg. I tried to search the web about this, but didn’t come up with anything. It didn’t bother me while out running, but it was quite sore today, as well as last night. As long as it doesn’t get more painful than that, it won’t stop me from running, but I’m a bit paranoid at the moment. I’m well aware that I’m already running close to the highest weekly mileage I’ve ever done, and it’s only the second week of training. I guess the chances of getting injured are always there, and I’m a bit nervous about this.

Curtai’s last comment made me go and check the average yearly rainfall in Kerry. Well, apparently it’s a whopping 1770 mm per year. No wonder I’m getting wet regularly.

Since you’re all desperate to know, Cian’s training is going as expected, apart from the fact that he utterly, totally and completely refuses to sit on the potty. It has to be the proper toilet or nothing. Suits me.

22 May: 10 miles, 1:22, 8:12 pace
23 May: 5 miles, 46:28, 9:17 pace


  1. I'm with you on the clothing, for the most part, but when it gets rainy, I get out the long sleeves. It just feels much colder when you're soaked to the skin.

    Watch that calf. You don't want it to grow into something serious.

  2. Rain running is so hard on me! I'd rather stay in.

    I'm with Cian on toilet selection!

  3. Good job on running despite the head cold. Hope you feel better soon as well.

  4. Sheesh! You barely get rid of one illness and pick up another! You'd better be taking that daily vitamin C. Ice that leg and ibuprofin! Hope you are better soon - and stay that way for a while.

  5. With that weather how not to catch those headaches, hope someday spring gets there and stays for some...

    I think you are very strong, hope you can keep handling this, and overcome the calf issue. Shouldn't be something bad.

  6. Go easy with the head cold. You don't want to wear yourself out. Then again, sometimes a good run helps to clear my head when I'm suffering from a cold.

    Cian will get the hang of it. Our youngest is finally getting pretty good at it...thankfully!

  7. Hmmm, will aromatherapy help headcolds? Doubt it ;-) Glad to hear you've been paying attention, Andrew completely ignores my 'advice' most of the time. Take care of yourself.

  8. oh, man, hope the cold and pains feel better soon!

    way to go cian :)

  9. Ouch for aches! Don't you hate those little nagging things, when it's not bad enough to take time off yet does bother you? Hope it passes quickly.