Friday, May 05, 2006

Another Rainy Day

Last night I was deliberating if I should do a 13-mile run on Friday and 9 miles on the weekend, or the other way round. As I’m planning to do my long runs during the marathon training on Fridays, I decided to get into that routine early on, and set my alarm for 5:35am. When I got up at that ungodly hour, it was raining and a storm was blowing. Rather than going back to bed like a sane person would have done, I got up, ate my cereal and got ready to go out. The first 3 miles were a brutal fight against the elements, then all of a sudden the rain stopped, the wind eased up gradually and running became a pleasure again. Of course, by that time I was soaked, and had to run the 10 following miles with soggy feet. Had I opted for 9 miles, I would have had a pleasant run in nice weather all the way. I guess that’s life.

My right calf didn’t feel right, it had some kind of numb pain (I can’t describe it any better), and even now, several hours later, it’s still not ok. Maybe running 13 miles on that wasn’t the cleverest thing I’ve ever done, but if I only went out when I feel 100%, I’d miss the majority of my workouts. Despite all that, the run went very well. When I checked the HRM at the end, the avg. heart rate was just 150. I don’t think I’ve ever run such a long run at a decent pace at such a low heart rate. I guess I’m still in good shape from all the training I did for Connemara. With some strenuous training yet to come, I hope to be in the form of my life by the time of the Dublin marathon.

I’ve scanned a few pictures from last week’s birthday party. Lola is the blond one in pink dress and necklace in the centre of one photo, Shea is the one blowing out the candles of the dinosaur cake. Cian can also be seen in that photo, he’s the one crying in the background (he very much enjoyed the rest of the party though). And the dinosaur cake went down a treat, especially with the boys.

4 May: 6 miles, 56:48, 9:28 pace
5 May: 13 miles, 1:50, 8:27 pace


  1. what cute kids!!!

    I hope your calf feels better soon. Running in the rain sounds soggy!

    The 50k I'm doing in June goes along the shore of a lake. Since running next to a lake is such a novelty for me, and the only person I know who does is you, I'm sure my entire 50k will be marveling about, "So this is what it's like when Thomas runs!" :)

  2. I am sure you were smarter than I and did not ask all those girls to spend the night.

    I imagine your fitness level is pretty high right now and I know it usually is after a marathon. I think your next training stage will really bring you to a higher level. Especially if you hit the 70 miles per week.

  3. Yes, very cute kiddos you've got there.

    "but if I only went out when I feel 100%, I’d miss the majority of my workouts" oh so true.

    Well done on getting out the door in the adverse weather - the running gods will be pleased and reward you.

  4. You're a real runner step into the crappy weather and run! Excellent effort. Beautiful kids Thomas.

  5. Against the elements is a wonderful challenge for a brave runner!
    Nice pictures and beautiful kids.

  6. I love the cake! Your kids are adorable.

    Good job getting out there during the storm - I think it makes you tough.