Wednesday, April 12, 2006


I don’t feel it, but I guess I must be getting better. I can’t really tell, my nose is blocked up and I’ve got a slight headache from feeling stuffy all day, but I ran the exact same course as yesterday with the exact same average heart rate, but nearly 2 minutes faster. It would have been better to run it slightly slower than that, but I find it difficult to estimate the effort when I’m not entirely healthy. I estimated that I should feel a bit worse than usual to take the cold into account, and then ever so slightly misjudged the effort I should do. Never mind, I’m sure there’s no harm done.

I’ll rest tomorrow. Maybe the cough medicine will let me sleep until 7:45, but Shea usually puts a stop to that. There is an annual football game organised by the company on Thursday, where my lack of skills as a fullback will be on display. Unfortunately I expect we’ll get our collective arses kicked. On Friday we’ll go to Dublin and spend a few days there, which makes running awkward because I’m off my familiar routes and always find it difficult to judge the distance covered. I guess I’ll have to run by time. On the plus side, Stillorgan is surprisingly hilly, and offers roughly the same type of terrain as my normal haunts alongside Caragh Lake.

12 Apr: 5 miles, 45:56, 9:11 pace


  1. Great you're recovering! And only after you posted on getting sick-I didn't even get a chance to feel bad for you:)
    I prefer to run by time, I judge distance by effort, dividing time by estimated pace. Worked like a charm every time I'd remeasure the route later.

  2. Nice you recover soon, just in time to enjoy holidays!

    Enjoy and post photos if you can!

  3. I always run for time when I'm out of town - and I always do an out and back if I'm alone, otherwise I'll surely get lost. Have a good and relaxing weekend, and keep that cold at bay!

  4. Thomas, you can always head to the Phoenix Park and take in the wonderful different routes that are around there. Or maybe Sandymount Strand.. I'd offer to meet up, but as fate would have it, I'm heading North for the weekend, and will have the same problem as you, trying to find somewhere to run that's unfamiliar.

    Glad to see you're on the mend, just be careful.

  5. When I'm out of town (rare these days), I try to look up a few runining routes in advance on this site:

    It appears to work for Dublin as well as it does for the US.

  6. Your an animal Thomas!
    Two minutes faster and your still stuffy and can't breathe properly?
    Hope your recovery is as fast!
    feel well :)

  7. Glad you're feeling better - great times for someone underthe weather.

  8. Thomas..thansk for your comment on my blog.

    I hope you feel better.

  9. Ahh, just a head cold, then no problem. Once under way I always feel better too. Maybe your luck is improving even more ;-)