Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Easter Bunny has left the Building

My, how time flies. It’s already our last day in Dublin, and tomorrow we‘ll be heading back to Kerry. Cian’s antics have subsided somewhat, he’s just raided mummy’s make-up kit (which is a particularly favourite way of his of causing havoc), but got stopped before he managed to transfer the stuff anywhere but his fingers. Maybe the fact that he has stuffed himself with chocolate for three days has reigned him in a bit.

We don’t have weighing scales at home in Kerry, so Friday was the first time I’ve stood on one since January and was quite surprised (and pleased) to see that I have lost 4kg (nearly 9 pounds) in the meantime. Unfortunately, I’ve put at least one kg back on since, thanks to all that chocolate lying around. I don’t really have a sweet tooth, but if I’m tempted 24 hours a day, I do succumb.

I rested on Monday, apart from running after Cian that is, and did 45 minutes today. Initially I felt like crap and was afraid I was coming down with yet another bout of sickness, but after a mile or two I settled down and had a decent enough run. I’m still coughing from the last bug I caught, and so is the whole rest of the family. It seems to be a particularly slow bug to shift, but apart from a cough and a few runny noses, it doesn’t bother us.

19 Apr: 45 min, 5 miles (est.)


  1. Well, running after a two-year-old can be workout enough!

    When I was young, I could run through an illness, but these days it just takes too much out of me.

  2. Seems like some of us are simply getting old - Ageing isn't an eggsact (groan again!) science, is it?

    Where did you find to run when you were up in the City?

  3. Easter candy is the devil. so devilishly good :) (and i dont even celebrate Easter!)

  4. Just a little bit of chocolate left here...I'm pretty sure I've gained a pound or two, especially since I haven't been able to run.

  5. 15 miles? :0...not a bad idea.

    yes try those shoes. I hope they fit you. B/c my pair is just sitting at home doing nothing.

    They need a good owner to take them out for a walk.

  6. The one good thing about not having children around anymore is that my only temptation is that which I buy. And I do buy. But not so much:)

  7. I wish I could say I've lost 4 kg!

    Say the secret... Still I know I am a gluttonnouss!

  8. Ahhh candy . . . why is it so good and so bad?

  9. Get well, stop about that bug thing (guilty myself, we are getting old:)) Have a great trip home!