Friday, December 09, 2005

Slow Coach

After the 10 miles this morning, this week’s mileage stands at 36 – a short run on Sunday will bring it up to 40. That might not impress some of you, but the way I’ve been feeling lately I’m pleased. Something I have noted is a distinct loss of pace. Today’s run was by far the slowest run I’ve had in ages (apart from recovery runs of course). I’m not bothered about that though. It’s always better to slow down when you’re increasing your mileage. Plus, last night’s soccer was rather strenuous, and running 10 miles 12 hours later is asking for stiff legs. It’s a lot warmer now, it was about 6C/43F in the morning, and originally I hoped to go through a whole run without rain, but my hopes were drowned by mile 3.5. Ah well.

The stomach seems to be nearly back to normal, and the kids have stopped vomiting – hurray! Our youngest son, Cian (I’ve decided not to be so coy about my family’s names from now on), celebrated his second birthday yesterday, and he really enjoyed being at the centre of attention. He also adores his new tricycle. I might post some photos if we get them developed any time soon.

The weekend is going to be strenuous – there are three Christmas parties, two for the parents and one for the kids. I’ll abstain from alcohol – I think.

8 Dec: 4 miles recovery run, 36:36, 9:09 pace
9 Dec: 10 miles, 1:29, 8:54 pace


  1. 40 miles - I can't wait until I can do 40 miles in a week!
    Enjoy the parties.

  2. A tricycle?..that's a great present :)...

  3. Nice job getting the mileage in. Slow running is good when building mileage, right you are.

  4. Glad to know kids are feeling much better and happy b-day to the little one.
    40, that's great.. someday for me.

  5. Good mileage Thomas. I read your comment about using Pfitzinger's 55 mile plan on the other Thomas's blog. My friend Scott just used the 12 week version after recovering from a stress-fracture and ran 2:44:50, more than a 6 minute P.R.! I wish you similar success.

  6. Nice job on the mileage! Between sickness and the cold weather, that is awesome! I should try it, and see what a 40 mile week looks like.

  7. 40 miles, good! I think that our body sometimes needs a little slow down specially when you are increasing the mileage. I usually increase the mileage no more than 10% of the last month not to risk injuries.