Sunday, December 04, 2005

Redemption Run

One of the problems of training during the winter is the Christmas season with all its parties and office functions. Last night was my company’s do, with about 200 people in attendance and enough alcohol to drown everyone in sight.
I did reasonably well, despite not sticking to my resolve not to drink anything apart from some wine during dinner. I went home after a couple of pints of beer and a few shots of tequila in a not-entirely-sober state.
Today’s 5 mile recovery run was for both recovery and redemption. I didn’t really have a hangover, just a little queasy feeling in my stomach that eventually subsided.
There will be more temptations thrown my way over the next few week.

4 Dec: 5 miles recovery run, 43:29, 8:41 pace


  1. Tis the season for temptation that is for sure.

  2. Yes, Rob is right - temptation is all around us.

    Get something good to eat and drinks lots of water!

  3. Temptation, all the more reason to keep logging in the miles!

  4. i remember one week during last year's holiday season-a week full of late nights and early morning runs. eventually i crashed HARD-more from exhaustion than from alcohol (although the latter did play a little role.)

    i got invited to 2 b-day parties the night before my goal 10k on sunday. my plan is only go to 1 on the early side and have 1 beer (carbs, ya know.) we'll see if i stick to it.

    oh and water. lots of water is essential for recovery.

  5. Next time try a few pints and only a couple of shots.

  6. Beer is my number one thing that interferes with my running. What do you want to do after work? Run or have a pint? Hmmmm.

  7. Our Christmas party was in November this year. Tis why I started my "plan" after the party. Hard to not indulge when there's an abundance of free booze and tempting food.