Saturday, July 30, 2022

It's The Bite

I'm five weeks into marathon training and it definitely has started to bite. I had a few runs that were pretty damn hard work, and not because of any pace targets, it just was hard work to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

I can definitely see some results already. For a start, there are a couple of pairs of Jeans in my wardrobe that a few months ago were completely out of the question, and when I needed a pair the other day, wouldn't you know it, they fit perfectly and were actually comfortable. So I know that I have lost some weight, even without weighing myself.

My resting heart rate has dropped quite a bit already as well and is back down into the 40s, which is about 10 down from a few months ago (and 20 from just after Covid). 

On the other hand I have definitely felt very tired at times, not just when I'm running but during the day as well. 

And a couple of weeks ago my left heel started to hurt at the start of each run. I'd set off feeling ok, then after a minute or two my heel started hurting and for about 5 minutes it was rather uncomfortable until it settled again.

True to my usual MOD I did what I always do with those kind of issues: I ignore them. Scoff as much as you like, it worked in the vast majority of cases. problem is, the 3 or 4 times when it did not work it  ended up requiring a break of a several weeks, which would be a massive setback for Dublin. So let's wait and see. Admittedly, it has been getting worse recently - but we're off on our holidays in a few days and I'm not sure if the weather in Crete will be conductive to running anyway, so maybe I'm in for a bit of a break anyway, and let's hope my heel will have settled down by the time I get back home.

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