Tuesday, July 05, 2016

I'm Back

Let's have one final look at the data from Belfast. This is the pace analysis of my run.

The major crisis points are easily visible and you can clearly see just how bad the third one was. It's also very interesting to note just how much things improved towards the end; from mile 110 onwards I got faster and faster with almost every mile - the damage had already been done at that point, though.

Apart from my big left toe, recovery has been remarkably swift. That toe is still somewhat affected; the swelling is gone but it is still bruised and a bit tender to the touch. The toenail may still come off but it hasn't really changed since last week. I'll find out eventually.

After 8 days of no running at all I started getting twitchy again, so when I woke up early on Tuesday I put on my gear and went for 5 easy miles. Slow as it was, the HR was way too high and I need to get that down again. I'll slow down for a while - especially considering that even that very easy effort from that morning was still considerably faster than my 24 hrs race pace.

I've added some strengthening exercises and dynamic stretching to the program; some of them still from Barry Murray's weekend session a few months ago, and some from my new coach.

Yup, I've got a new coach.

5 Jul
5 miles, 44:51, 8:58 pace, HR 142