Thursday, June 23, 2016


As any runner knows, phantom pains are part of the tapering process. It just happens every time. A few weeks ago I did have some real discomforts, first from my left knee and then from my lower back but both have gone away (actually, the back is only 95% better) but this week I have felt some twinges in my right hip and my right shin and probably in some other bits as well - but I'm sure those are phantom pains without any real physical background.

I need to get my head sorted out. I have to ignore that some trained more than me and that I always could have done more. I have to focus on my strengths. The most important body part in a 24 hours race is not your legs, or heart or lungs, it's your brain, and mine seems to work well for that particular task.

I have generally been pretty calm with regards to this race; it has come round so quickly I barely noticed it was getting so close. I had Donadea and then the relay to worry about earlier this month, which didn't leave much time to worry about Belfast. But here we are, 2 sleeps to go. I had trouble falling asleep last night as thoughts of the race were doing their early rounds in my head but I did get an almost full allocation of sleep eventually, helped by the fact that I didn't have to get up until almost 7 o'clock - a veritable lie-in!

I've started gathering all the stuff I need to bring, mostly nutrition so far; proper packing will happen tonight and this really is about to get real!

Training this week was obviously just a case of ticking over. 4 miles on Monday, an hour on the treadmill wrapped in 4 layers on Tuesday for a last heat adaptation top-up, 5 on Wednesday and 3 on Thursday. Tomorrow I'll run another couple of miles if I wake up in time, none otherwise. I'll do half a day at work and then drive up North.

All running this week was really slow, practicing the ultra shuffle. It did take some getting used to, alright.

The weather forecast is cloudy with the odd light shower and little wind, which sounds pretty good. I don't think I'll need the heat adaptation. There won't be a repeat of the Bangor hurricane (mind, I handled that better than most so maybe I should have hoped for that) and no excuses.

And on Saturday we run.,-VICTORIA-PARK,-BELFAST,-JUNE-2526.

20 Jun
4 miles, 37:17, 9:19 pace, HR 129
21 Jun
6.25 miles, 1:00:00, 9:35 pace, HR 133, heat adaptation, treadmill
22 Jun
5 miles, 42:46, 8:33 pace, HR 132
23 Jun
3 miles, 27:02, 9:01 pace, HR 131


  1. See you there Thomas. Looking forward to having a bit of a chat as we go round and round.

  2. Very best of Irish Luck and Austrian planning and timeliness for the mere 24 hours this weekend, Thomas. Would love to be there to personally encourage. Weather sounding good.

  3. You must be tired! Not even a one-line blog post! Had to stalk their FB page for results. 207k and 7th place looks good to me. Looking forward to the full report. Thrashed Grellan by 5k too ;-)