Saturday, September 01, 2012


7:01:41, 8th place. To put that into some sort of context, that time would have been good enough for second place last time round.

Relentless headwind from mile 5 to 36, Conor Pass felt like hitting a wall.

Suffered for a bit after coming down from the pass but recovered and started moving well again. Ran out of road towards the end; 50 miles is too short for me, apparently.

Thanks to Mick Hanney for the photos


  1. Nice going. Congrats. Next year I won't be injured and I'll be there doing the full! Sounds like you were only getting into your stride at the finish line!!!

  2. Great going Thomas. Who wouldn't take a 7.01 time before starting out on a 50 mile ultra?

    Well done again. You going to rest up now ;-) ?

  3. Great run Thomas. So close to the 7 hours. There was a strong wind on the Dingle Peninsula today.

  4. Brilliant Thomas - and looking at your side-bar blows your previous PB out of the water ...

  5. Woohoo! I made it here in time for the short report ;)

    7 hours over mountains and into a headwind is damn good for 50 miles. It'd be a dream if I could hold that pace for a marathon. One thing though, how are you going to surpass holding both arms in the air if you ever win a 50 miler? Do cartwheels?

  6. back in feb this year i read your blog about 2010's dingle ultra,
    soon after i registered and low and behold i came in at 7:22
    you got me hooked thomas .. thanks !!