Sunday, November 22, 2009

Blame It On The Rain

This was certainly an interesting week. We had the cheating Frenchmen with plenty of fallout that is only just starting to subside, my office has moved yet again, for the third time in 6 years, and of course we've had the rain.

This time the weather Gods really mean business. When I had been whining about wind and rain in the past I had no idea what a week of sustained stormy weather is really like. We don't get hurricanes in these parts but this is the next best thing. Half the country is flooded (the western half, to be precise), half of Cork City is without running water for at least one week, and for once all that is not an exaggeration. When I drove to Killarney this morning the river Laune was so high you could only tell its original course by the trees lining it. The shore line itself has been totally washed out and everything close to it is under water.

I guess I was sorta lucky yesterday when I managed to get out early in the morning for 5 miles. It was raining buckets but there seemed to be a lull in the wind when I took the opportunity. Of course, had I waiting for 2 hours I would have enjoyed running in the unexpected sunshine. On the other hand, had I left it 2 further hours the thunderstorm would have surprised (and scared) me right in the middle.

Even so, I didn't feel great. The hamstrings were as tight as piano strings, and I cannot really explain why my heart rate was higher than on Friday, despite running only half the distance and a good bit slower. I cannot blame the Dublin marathon forever.

When I wrote last weeks race report, making out how I did not race, I had no idea that this would be followed by a far more literal non-race. I was already in Killarney this morning, doing a swim to practice for my next lesson when I got a text message that today's race was cancelled. Apparently all three possible race courses were under water, which didn't come as much of a surprise. At least I did not have to worry about racing after tiring myself out in the pool. There is something very unnatural about swimming for someone who is used to running: the fact that you basically have to hold your breath for half the workout doesn't come easily.

It was not a wasted trip as I had to go shopping anyway, but any hopes I had of sneaking in a run after my return were thwarted by the storm outside our window. Eventually I hooked up my bike onto the indoor trainer and spun for 45 minutes. That was my longest “bike ride” yet, and it's still nowhere near proper training. But it bet twiddling my thumps hands down.

They just promised some improvement for tomorrow morning. Great! Let's hope they are right. I might not be in training right now, but the low mileage is starting to worry me a bit. 26 miles this week, that's next to nothing. The last time I was was doing so few miles I was bed-ridden with pneumonia.

21 Nov
5 miles, 40:17, 8:03 pace, HR 156
22 Nov
0 miles. 25 min swim, 45 min bike, HR 155

If you add my weekend activities together it's almost a triathlon.


  1. Here in Eastport, the water is so cold that the survival guide for accidentally falling in has only two words printed: Get Out. I apply this guide to all forms of water in all locations (indoor and outdoor) and think it a good idea for everybody.

    So I say to you: Get out of the water Thomas, you will drown.

    There, I've done my good deed for today.

    Rest up. The marathon will probably linger a lot longer than you'd like. And you forgot credit Milli Vanilli for your blog title.

  2. Take care of that body otherwise you'll end up like me... torn hammy, and out for another three weeks.

    Very interested to see you in the pool and on the bike. Well done. If you ever want advice, I have loads of old training programs kicking about (I used to bike race and I'm still a swim coach).

    All the best and watch out for the puddles ~ cheers

  3. A triathlon with no run - am I reading the right blog!!!!.

    Swimming confidently is all about mastering the breathing.

  4. Bloody French! That was highway robbery.

    When you start to whine Thomas, I know the weather's REALLY bad! Ran in light rain myself yesterday - it was lovely - first time for months ;)