Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Separation Angst

Maia seems to have gotten over her anxiety; she spent the last 2 nights sleeping peacefully in her own bed for the entire night, which greatly increases the quality of my own sleep. Now I just have to learn to get to bed earlier. It’s no good deciding to go to bed at 9:30 if you then spend half an hour sitting around and another half an hour reading, which is then taken straight off your sleep time. Before the week in London I used to wake up just before the alarm clock sounded nearly every morning. I haven’t managed that feat since then. Must do better! Sleep is an important part of training. I know, I’ve said that before.

The running itself, on the other hand, is going pretty well. The 10 miles yesterday might have been a few seconds slower than last week, but the general trend is good. Besides, yesterday’s run was following a 20-miler, rather than a mere 15, which was bound to have some effect. I felt really good at the end, and could definitely have run another repeat, which is what I may do next week.

On the negative side, I had yet another flat on my bike last evening. That’s the fifth one this year already. I guess my tyres are worn out. Since cycling is commuting, not training, I haven’t kept a log, but I must have done in the region of 3000 miles on that very cheap bike. Good value, but some parts may be reaching the end of their useful life.

Today I was back on the Caragh Lake loop. In theory, the 15-mile-Wednesday run should be one of the easiest of the week, but in the past it has often felt rather tough with tired legs. I was therefore pleasantly surprised by the fact that the legs were cooperating fully. I started at a slow pace but gradually picked up the effort without even noticing. It always remained in the easy zone though, don’t worry. I was a few minutes faster than my usual 2-hours, but apart from my apparently compulsory low at the 13-mile mark I felt good all the way. If I could figure out why I always seem to get knackered at the half-marathon mark I’d be happier, but half a mile later I tend to feel ok again.

Niamh plans on spending a week in Dublin with 3 of our kids starting 10 days from now, while Cian will be looked after by his grandparents in Valentia. The only one left behind is poor Thomas. Someone has to earn the money to support that life style, I guess. I may also have to sacrifice a day or two of training either at the start or the end of that week when the arrangements aren’t in place yet. How does Niamh get me to agree to all that? It happens every time!

7 Jul
10 miles, 1:11:49, 7:11 pace, HR 152
incl. 2x3 miles @ 6:42, 6:52
8 Jul
15 miles, 1:56:57, 7:48 pace, HR 147


  1. I think everyone hits a 'low' at some point in a run. Traditionally mine has been at about the 7 to 8 mile mark but after some longer runs this year I think I'm pushing it out a bit. Some day I may even get to the 13 mile mark like you at which point I think it'll be time for me to run a marathon!!! :)

  2. These are great paces. I hit lows myself and sometimes I think it is a function of the amount of time I'm on the course. On longer runs I occasionally eat a half a piece of white bread as a pick-me-up at some point during the run.

  3. That's just the way it works with husbands and wives. I'm pretty sure she feels like that sometimes too. If you do have to skip, since you'll be the only one home, you can do a couple doubles (morning & evening) to make up for it!

  4. My bike cost €25 but hasn't reached the 3,000 mile mark yet (well not with it's current owner)