Monday, December 11, 2006

It can’t go on like This!

Really, it possibly can’t. The weather has been relentless. I know that Ireland, and especially the West Coast, isn’t exactly known for long hours of sunshine, but 4 weeks of storms, heavy rain and gale force winds are not the norm. After Saturday’s relative calm we had another two stormy days, and Wednesday is supposed to be really bad again. Everybody I know is moaning about the dreadful weather, even the people who don’t run several miles each morning.

Maybe I shouldn’t complain, by pure luck I managed to run in relatively benign conditions on both days, between bouts of storm. Sunday’s effort was rather late, I didn’t leave until 9:30 in the morning, just when the storm that had been ravaging all night had started to abate. It wasn’t too bad, the rain had already stopped by the time I hit the road, and even when it returned it was manageable. I finally relented and wore long sleeves, but I had chosen the wrong day for that, because I was uncomfortably warm after a few miles, and regretted my choice of apparel. I will get it right one day, surely.

The storm must have blown itself out overnight, because by the time I left for my run this morning it had stopped raining, even if it was very windy. I can’t complain too much, because once more the rain returned with a vengeance later during the day. I managed a good clip, and I think my running pace has more or less returned to the level I had before the marathon. I was especially pleased with the fact that my heart rate was quite low compared to previous days, despite running at sub-8:00 pace.

Apart from the appalling weather I’m quite happy with the way the running has been going so far. All the aches and pains that plagued me in the last few weeks before the marathon have gone away. I do feel the odd twinge in my left achilles, but never during running, only in the evening, and even that seems to have gone away lately. I have run for 29 days in a row, and don’t think I will stop that sequence anytime soon. The mileage has increased steadily, as planned, and so far I feel good. Long may it continue.

10 Dec: 8.5 miles, 1:09, 8:07 pace, avg. HR 162 (hilly)
11 Dec: 7 miles, 55:39, 7:57 pace, avg. HR 153

Weekly mileage: 55+ miles


  1. Sorry about the weather, man! I should be happy about rain I guess...I picked my run before the pour started. hang in there, summer will day...someday:)

  2. Ugh, I can't imagine anything worse than all that rain. Well, I guess I can, but it's no fun. Glad to hear your running is back where you want. I'll send good vibes for sun!!

  3. I'm shivering just reading your description! yuck!

  4. Thomas, you are awesome!
    Just like the Postman, horrible
    weather can't stop you from doing what you need to do :)

  5. Thomas,

    It seemed like i haven't post on your blog for a while. I like that car cake in your last post.

    As for your comments in my blog:

    1) Yes i do find it odd how at some speed, my HR stay the same. In fact, HR even gone down on some speed (at 6.0 mph, second reading is 159). Well, I think what's important is that i have a range of speed and range of HR to work with. Will see how these number change over the next few months

    2) When i wear my HRM strap at night, I don't turn it on. Recently, my watch has trouble picking up my HR, maybe i did leave it run and run out of battery :)

  6. You are amazing to get your workouts in with all the weather!