Saturday, July 09, 2005

Thoughts about Friday's Killarney 5km Fun Run

  • Don't eat a dinner just an hour before the run
  • Don’t wait behind some, well, heavier runner at the starting line. They are bound to slow you down when you try to overtake them.
    Fell for that one
  • Don’t run behind some good-looking girl and stare at her behind instead of overtaking her.
    Managed to avoid that one. Just.
  • Don’t run the race the day after an 11 miles run, and the day before an 18 miles long run. On the other hand, that is fine as long as you’re treating the race as part of the marathon training.
    I did the latter one, obviously.
  • Don’t worry about some overweight fellow overtaking you after 500 meters. You will catch him 1 km further on at the very latest.
  • Don’t worry about some kid not older than 8 or maybe 10 years in front of you. You will finally pass him on the last km.
  • Don’t worry about the maybe 70 years old granddad in front of you either. You will finally catch him on the hill just before the end.
  • If this is your first ever race over 5km, despite the fact that you have already finished two marathons, you’re doing that running thing the odd way round
    I know
  • Anyway, finishing within 21:50 despite being tired from the day before and despite not running all out because you’re conscious of the 18 miles run waiting for you just 14 hours later isn’t bad.
    At least I hope so.

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