Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Heart Rate Monitor

I’ve recently bought a heart rate monitor to help the training. It’s a very cheap one, a Polar F1 for 47 Euros – the cheapest I could find, but still from Polar (after reading plenty of reviews, I wouldn’t bother with any other make).

It’s great, I’ve already checked my resting heart rate (48), and now my only problem is that I don’t know my max heart rate. I suspect it is more than the 185 I would get from the usual 220-age formula (oops, I've given away my age now).

On yesterday’s 8 miles run I did a few sprints in-between and got the heart rate up to 179, and I’m sure that wasn’t anywhere near my max. I could do a really hard three-times-up-a-hill run to check the max heart rate tomorrow instead of the scheduled 10 miles run. I’ll decide in the morning.

Oh, and getting up at 6 am keeps being a challenge

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