Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The First Workout

I've got three young children, so running after work would definitely not go down well with my wife
(just imagine:
Me: Bye honey, I am off running for an hour or two, while you feed them, bath them, read them stories, and put them to bed on your own
Her: Ok, have fun
- not likely!)

As a result, I get up at 6:15 in the morning (as it turns out I had to get up anyway because the baby (18 months) was crying and wanted his bottle). I am out of the house at 6:35, the wife looking at me incredulously (she’s used to me doing weird things by now, but voluntarily getting up at this time of night is new).

I cover 7 miles with 10x100meters sprints in-between. Well, to be honest, the sprints were probably shorter than that, but they certainly got the heart rate up, and made the run a lot tougher.

I took just under an hour. It was rather tough, and my right knee hurts. I need new runners, the old ones are worn out ( I covered two marathons including all the training in them)

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    P.S. Good luck on your marathons:)