Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Postrun Blues

Very much as expected, my legs bloody hurt for quite a few days after the race. On Sunday I was pretty much totally useless, even more so than usual, and I spent the entire day on the sofa trying to move as little as possible.

Reluctantly things had to change on Monday because I don't think my manager would have looked on too kindly had I stated I was too tired to come into work, so I did (awkwardly) get onto my bike and slowly made my way into the office - which was actually a good thing, the legs felt a lot better after a bit of gentle exercise, as I knew they would. They were still sore, mind, and in fact as far into the week as Wednesday my calves were still tender to the touch, so I didn't run all week, just cycled in and out of work (which still added up to over 90 miles) and on Saturday took my first steps back out onto the road, just for a short and easy 4 mile jog, but that went much better than I could have hoped for, so I guess recovery is going reasonably well.

I did about 6 on Sunday, which was fine but just about as far as I could have gone while still feeling fine, but with work being manic at the moment only got another 4 on Monday and a big fat 0 on Tuesday, so I'm definitely on the easy side of things, if not entirely by choice.

Instead of writing more, I just put on some photos from the race. I only found one of me but some of the scenic shots are just spectacular and really deserve to be seen.

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